Do you ever go through such a hard time, and you just sit there trying to figure out what you’re gonna do next? you lay there, wondering, whether it’s the end. the end of it all. You feel like your whole world collapsed, exploded into a million shattered pieces, and you can’t put them back together…
Emotionally, you’re doomed. But you know what’s the catch?
No matter the situation, no matter how broken you feel you are, or better yet, you think you are; you’re NEVER broken enough to put your whole life on hold.
No matter the hard time, the amount of emotional pain you feel deep down your heart and soul, you still can get back UP on your feet and deal with the rest of the day.
Day after day,  you get over it.

Think about it this way, be one of the rare people who step over their hard times and succeed. Easy said than done.. right…

However, if you give up in that specific moment, you’ll have to return to it later, but only to start from the beginning. So don’t let your emotions overpower your will, your intelligence, your strength… and most important of all.. your ambition.

You may think you can’t do it. you just can’t, but get this one thing straight; Every moment you give your fears, your demons, your hard times the power to suppress you, has become the time you made them.

So why give up? why put your dreams on hold? why let yourself down… No one, not one thing in this world is worth giving up on the things you’re passionate about the most.

And if you ever let a thing, or a person, get the best of you… it’s okay. Learn from the mistakes you make, and learn to never make them again. Allow yourself to grow. Allow yourself to let go. Let. Go.

Let go of unnecessary emotions, feelings, over thinking, bad vibes… anything that holds you back.

Let it go, and only then you’ll know that you’re capable of moving forward and succeeding.

You can. No matter what… you can.

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