For those, who have questions that needs to be answered, feel free to browse through our Frequently Asked Questions here!

  1. Is There A Sign-up/Login Button?

    Yes, of course!

    At the top menu of every post(s) & Page(s) of the site for Laptop/Desktop Users and at the left menu for Mobile users!

  2. What’s Express Impacts all about?

    Express Impacts’ an online Magazine, that was established by the visionaire in 2016, for the purpose of Impacting the world through the different medium available. It serves as a platform for passionate writers to share their passion in the world.

  3. Who’s the Founder of Express Impacts?

    Express Impacts’ independently owned by The Edas’ Initiative (TEI). We’re one of the major media company that have the success of the majority at heart. Edas Aigbe, the Founder & Publisher Of Express Impacts.

  4. How do I Contribute to Express Impacts’ Digital Magazine?

    To contribute to Express Impacts’ Magazine, sign up at the top button located at any post/page of Site (that’s if you’re new here on Express Impacts) and you can sign in as well if you’re regular. When you sign-up/sign-in, you’re take straight to the dashboard, where, you can write any article(s), message(s) & connect with others there. It’s Open to all!

  5. Do You Allow Writers To Publish Under Pseudonyms?

    Hey, Sorry! No, not yet, even if we have thought it wise to!

  6. How Do I Contact The Writer of a Certain Article?

    Yeah! you can contact any writers(s) author(s) at anytime, in anyway, at anywhere, through personal social media of the writers, their emails (if they provide those informations to us here) all their social links are included automatically on their profiles, post(s) page(s) for the purpose for connectivity and relationship enhancement between themselves and the their audience.