• Running a successful internet business can look so simple when you are on the outside looking in. You look at a successful internet entrepreneur and he doesn’t look like he is doing anything special but he is l […]

  • Grow or die! This is one of the laws of nature that applies to all living things. All business lives by this law as well. A business cannot begin, grow to a certain point and then simply remain at that point and […]

  • It’s absolutely true that time is the one commodity that most internet entrepreneurs have a very, very short supply of. Still there are ways to use time that would otherwise be of no value to invest in yourself. […]

  • Today your life might not seem that much different from those around you. However, if you keep investing in your future – it will be different. People will be surprised at your progress.

    So, how can you invest i […]

  • Some people are not so thrilled with any promotion regardless of how it may benefit them. If this sounds in any way like you, it’s a crucial feature to notice about yourself. Resenting promotion is among the g […]

  • You know all about the Law of Attraction, but have you heard of the Raikov Effect?

    If you haven’t heard about this Russian success technique, you’re not the only one. In fact, I just recently learned how it cam […]

  • Do you know why you are working as hard as you are? What that driving reason is behind everything you do?

    We call that reason your personal mission.

    A personal mission is something big and exciting that gives […]

  • Once you dwell on the damaging aspects of life and equate your failings to another’s successes, you are able to become depressed and discouraged. You have heard that a positive mental attitude will better your o […]

  • Edas wrote a new post, Think Big. 1 day, 18 hours ago

    our culture cannot seem to make up its mind about the value of ambition. On the one hand, we praise those who work hard and accomplish hard goals.

    On the other hand, we put individuals down for being selfish and […]

  • You are able to achieve any goal if you work at it and trust in yourself. Regardless what you wish to accomplish, whether it’s singing with a rock group, beginning your own business or becoming wealthy, abide by t […]

  • Of all the fabled sports figures, golf’s Tiger Woods frequently is the first who comes to your brain when you entertain the psychology of winning.

    But the mentality of a winner goes far past the sporting f […]

  • If you saw ‘The Secret’ then you’re likely convinced that the Law of Attraction is real and it works. But you may be wondering what you’re doing wrong since you are able to manifest pocket change, and perhaps […]

  • Everyday out there in the real brick and mortar world, millions and millions of people drag themselves from the warm, warm beds, take a shower, grab a cup of coffee, and head off to their jobs as they are thinking […]

  • Successful entrepreneurs can radically improve the world on multiple fronts — they help grow the economy, inspire innovation, and create companies that elevate everyone involved.

    If making a difference in this w […]

  • Hello, in this post, I’m going to show you how to define smart goals and how to use them to keep your employees motivated in their jobs.

    For People in Management Role, goal setting is essentially important, you h […]

  • In the pursuit of dream chasing, we always start out giving it 100%. We are fully committed. We create habits that allow us to further our goals. We make plans and timelines. We tell people about our vision and […]

  • From the classroom to the boardroom, in the business world we are constantly conditioned to buy into scarcity, to believe that there isn’t enough. A scarcity mind-set is your enemy. When you think there isn’t “en […]

  • One of the most exciting decisions you can make is to be on the lookout for opportunity to invest in others either in business, finance or wealth management, success living, legal fields etc.

  • Before we talk about the steps to adopting the right mindset, let’s look at what mind-set is!

    What’s mind-set?

    A mind-set is essentially your emotional response to normal daily activities. This is important for […]

  • Many of us are carried away with our problems, situations in life as bloggers, creative writer etc. Writing is an amazing thing to do and simple as well to do. It’s one thing to have inspiration, to write, blog a […]

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