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5 Business Ideas That Can Give you Extra Income

If you have a way with words, you can use that skill to write for businesses who need web content, articles, blog posts, and press releases. By creating a freelancer profile on some of today's online platforms, you could generate up to $50 an hour with the right clients.

3 Lessons Life Thought Me Recently.

Like the popular sayings, Life itself is a teacher. here are the three things. 1. Originality. A lot of you, subscribers of this digital magazine, had...

6 Approaches to Help you Get Your Website Indexed by Google

Google's a search engine that index web pages for its search result mainly by following ordinary links. The more reliable and notable sources link...

10 Things Being A Entrepreneur or Blogger Will Change Your life

1. You become passionate about your future. Success as an entrepreneur depends on how passionate about, are towards your future. You'll continually think and derive...

Why! Why!! Why!!! (Poetry)

While we are still living, While breathe is oozing out of our nostrils, While our eyelids are still blinking and seeing, While our legs and hands are still strong to grasp and hold, While our lips and tongues are still functioning at the utmost for digestion, While our arteries and veins are still supporting the hearts for circulation.