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10 Reasons Why Top Entrepreneurs Are Successful

Remember the Pareto principle? It says the 20 percent of the effort yields 80 percent of return in results! So, we could say the top 20 percent of entrepreneurs earn the 80 percent of the money in any industry.
As an entrepreneur, your goal is to become one of the highest-paid in your industry and accelerate your profits using vital keys to success in entrepreneurship
Fortunately, this is easier than you might think.

1. They do what they love.

All truly successful entrepreneurs, do what they love. All industries are profitable, it must determine how much you love your work. You must learn to love your work and then commit yourself to become excellent in your industry.
Invest whatever amount if time is necessary to improve your creativity, mindset, sales and other aspects of your life towards what you want to achieve; pay any price; go any distance, make any sacrifice necessary to become the very best at what you do. Join the top 10 percent in your industry.

2. They decide exactly what they want.

Successful entrepreneurs decide what they want out of what they do. Don’t be wishy-washy. Decide exactly what is it that you want in life Set it as a goal for your business and then determine what price you are willing to pay to get it.
According to research, only about 3 percent of adults have written goals. And these are the most successful entrepreneurs and highest-paid business owners, entrepreneurs in every industry They are the mover and shakers, the creators and innovators and the top entrepreneurs.

3. They persevere at all cost.

A key to success in entrepreneurship is the ability to persevere and have an indomitable willpower. Decide to throw your whole heart and soul into your success and into achieving your entrepreneurial goal. Make a complete commitment to improve your business or brand as an entrepreneur and become one of the top-paid entrepreneurs in your industry. Resolve that nothing will stop you or discourage you.

4. They commit to lifelong Learning.

To become a successful entrepreneur, learning plays an important role your life personally and professionally. Your mind is your most precious asset, and the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your brand or business.
Commit yourself to life-long learning process.
Read, listen to audio programs, listen to podcasts, take new courses, attend seminars, and never forget the most valuable asset is your mind. As you continue to learn, you will eventually become one of the most valuable entrepreneur in your industry.

5. They use their time very well.

Your time is your second valuable asset. How you use your time determines your standard of living. Learn to buy more time and exchange them wisely for important things.
Resolve therefore to use your time well. Begin every day with a list. The best time to make up your work list is the night before, before wrapping up for the day. Write down everything that you have to do the next day, starting with your fixed appointments and then moving on to everything you can think of.

6. They Follow those who are leading.

Successful entrepreneurs follow those that are leading ahead of them. As entrepreneur, do what successful entrepreneur ahead of you are doing. Follow them that lead, not the followers. Imitate the ones who are going somewhere with their lives. Identify the very best entrepreneurs in your field and pattern yourself after them.
If you want to become one of the best entrepreneurs in your field, go to the top earners and asks the for advice, guidance, help. as them what it takes to succeed like them. Inquire about their attitudes, philosophies, and approaches to their work and customers or clients.

7 They know that character is everything.

Guard your integrity as a sacred thing. Nothing is more important to the quality of your life in our society. In business, you must have credibility.
You can only be successful if people trust you and believe in you.

8. They use their instincts.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must trust your instinct. Some call it the inborn creativity. Recognise you have a genius in you that is always right at all time. When you recognise that, you see yourself as a genius.

Say aloud, over and over, “I’m a genius! I’m a genius! I’m a genius!”

This may sound like an exaggeration, but it isn’t. The fact is that every person has the ability to perform at genius levels in one of more areas. You have within you, right now, the ability to do more and be more than you ever have before when begin to believe in your instincts.

9.They practice the golden Rule.

Practice the Golden Rule in all your interactions with others.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Think about yourself as a customer. How would you like to be treated?
Obviously, you would want other entrepreneurs, salespeople to be straightforward with you. You would want them to take the time to thoroughly understand your problem or need and then show you, step by step, how their solution could help you improve your life or work in a cost-effective way.
If this is what you would want from other entrepreneurs or salespeople selling to you, then be sure to give this to every customer you talk to.

10. They pay the price for success.

Finally, and perhaps more important than anything else, resolve to work hard. This is a great key to success in life.
The key to success in becoming a successful entrepreneur is for you to start a little earlier, work a little harder, and stay a little later. Do the little thing that average people always try to avoid doing. When you begin your workday, resolve to “work all the time you work.”
Article Credits:Brain Tracy
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