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10 Steps to Discovering Your Strenght In Life

1. Do some assessment activities.

There are many free self-evaluation tools “out there” on the internet, in our mobiles apps. While none of them is perfect, each of them can help give you insight into the types and themes of your strengths.

2. Reflect on the results of the test or survey.

Do you agree with the results of the tests or survey you carried out? Do people around you or close people, you have come in contact with for agree with the results? Are they meaningful to you? Did you discover something about yourself that you had not noticed before?

3. Find like-minded people.

Who are your most loved friends? Whatever you find value in them, you are likely to have a heaping helping of yourself

4. Set achievable goals.

Find ways to use your new insights about yourself to make your life better.

5. Know your perspective.

What engages you for which particular side of the argument? Are you for or against… the topic under discussion? Understanding whether the opinion of others is something you are concerned about can help you map your response to any given solution. Are you a people pleaser? A loner? Perhaps it is your strength to bring others to consensus? All of this is helpful to know about yourself.

6. Leverage your strengths to solve problems.

When looking at something you don’t want to do, reflect on how you could use one or more of your strengths to approach the challenge. Leveraging a strength is generally easier and more fun than pushing against weaknesses, and can make problem-solving much less stressful.

7. Wield your passion to become skilled in leveraging your strengths.

What gets your creative and learning juices flowing? Chances are you already know what you love. Do you like criticizing or enjoy watching movies? Chances are you have some directorship qualities and even an eye for cinematography.

8. Nurture the strength you already have.

Joining a class, engaging a project, helping someone else learn your hobby… are all excellent ways to play to your strengths and nurture your talents.

9. Remain positive.

Your own opinion of yourself has a strong influence on your ability to move forward History is riddled with investors and entrepreneurs who have leveraged their strengths in a positive way. Just because you don’t think you might be good at something does not mean aren’t actually qualified. Just because someone else is better at a skill does not mean you lack talent. Don’t undercut your opportunities with negative self-talk.

10. Adapt and compromise.

Skills and strengths may change, and you may not have an ability you once did. Give yourself the grace to carry on with a new strength or engage yourself in a new pursuit. Any skill or strength can be developed beyond its current level.

Article Credits:WikiHow Media
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