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10 Top Instagram Influencers You Should Follow

Are you looking for Instagram Influencers to follow for daily inspirations, motivation or quotes? Here are 10 top Instagram influencers I will recommend you to follow.

1. @millionaire_mentor

Millionaire mentor is a huge company founded by Jason Stone, that centers on hourly motivation, inspiration, lifestyles and sales. The founder is passionate of helping other Instagram accounts in growth, mentor-ship and many more. Millionaire Mentor has 2.8+ million followers.

2. @dailydose

Tim Karsliyev, founder of Daily Dose, has a 200+ million network on Instagram that can reach one out of four people using Instagram. Today, Daily Dose is one of the biggest (and first) motivational accounts on Instagram. Daily Dose spreads influential messages that reach millions daily. He created Daily Dose because he believes we have a duty to act—not talk, not think, not imagine, but to step up and make a real difference.

3. @expressimpacts

Edas Aigbe, the founder of Express Impacts, has a 30k network on Instagram that focuses on elevating young people especially creators like him. He’s the founder of this same digital magazine that creates the opportunity for writers, creators like him to have a digital playground to share their contents for free. Express Impacts spreads influential messages that reach hundreds daily on Instagram.

4. @nikkigiavasisofficial

Nikki Giavasis’s work in the industry has involved closing huge deals and bringing big name celebrities and brands together through a fusion of her connections and business savvy. Giavasis has skillfully created a network that is a force to be reckoned with. She is getting her masters in law in order to help craft even better deals for her clients. Her social media platform is a source of inspiration for people around the world, and her success shows that anything is possible if you work hard enough to bring value to those around you.

5. @jesseniavice

Cover Girl, Survivor, fitness enthusiast and singer/songwriter are just a few of the “titles” that define Jessenia Vice. She turned her life around with a dedication to fitness which saved her life twice : during a childhood battle with obesity and after leaving an abusive relationship as an adult. She has been featured on Maxim Magazine’s cover, participated in brand shoots for Circo, and runs popular lifestyle podcasts and web series. Her platform empowers women, speaks to the hispanic community, and advocates for victims of domestic violence.

6. @claudiaalende

As both a model and businesswomen this Brazilian influencer offers a combination of health and beauty content, business advice, motivational content, and lifestyle images. Known for both her beauty and business success, Claudia puts forward the image of the modern woman who can succeed in all aspects of life.

7. @CookinWithMima

From appetizers to desserts, @cookinwithmima is a one stop source for the most amazing food recipes on Instagram. Her easy to make recipes are both aesthetically pleasing and sure to impress anyone you cook for. She gives particular attention to healthy recipes but offers a variety of options to meet all tastes and preferences.

8. @rich20something

Daniel DiPiazza is the author of Rich20Something and runs a number of social media channels under the same name. His content offers a candid look at how to develop financial stability and income sources. After his book hit #11 on the New York Times bestseller list, it went on to be translated into a number of languages and helps motivate and inform young business people around the world.

9. @fubbeautyhub

Dr Naomi Nuels ins the author of Fubbeautyhub and she also runs multi-businesses from Visas, Hair Beauty Fashion and many other businesses under the Umbrella of the “Fub’s Enterprises.” She’s really Fabulous as her company implies “Fabulous Universal Businesses (FUB)” She has helped young entrepreneurs and she’s currently an outspoken motivator and influencer to women entrepreneurship.

10. @igbenlee

As an Inc. 30 Under 30 entrepreneur it’s not hard to see why Ben Lee is a great role model to follow on the social platform. By age 18, he had climbed from busboy to operations manager for two hospitality properties grossing $20 million. Co-Founded Neon Roots at 22, and has since partnered with Fortune 100 Companies like Epson & media moguls like Snoop Dogg & Tony Robbins to create some of the world’s greatest apps.


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