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15 Essentials of Leadership!


The recent happenings and realities in the world is a confirmation and a pointer to the fact that humanity is still on a long walk to freedom from corruption, criminality, vices, oppression, tyranny, bullying, extremism, terrorism, despotism, nepotism and dictatorship which has presented a society that is far from being egalitarian and progressive with the absence of sanity at its eccentricity.

This is a pointer to the fact that humanity has spent bunch of his existence being responsive, irresponsible, insensitive and unconcerned to learn and understand the essentials and the exigencies of leadership from time immemorial and this has been an inadequacy  and a deficiency passed from one generation to another as an heirloom,legacy and a will.

It is a pity that the boomerang and the domino effect of leadership in capabilities and deficiencies are swiftly and speedily driving humanity on the path of imbalance and on a walkway of disorder that is rearing its ugly head as a trend in the form of genocide, pogrom and all sorts of vices and criminality unexpected to be obtainable in a sane society where the dignity of all people is paramount and the beauty of all humans is sacrosanct.

It is until when our corridor of leadership is filled with leaders of thoughts and goodwill that have made an oath in words and in deeds to offer selfless,sacrificial and stain-less form of leadership that our yearnings, lamentations and aspiration for emancipation from the grip of self-inflicted servitude in all ramifications of human endeavour will remain a mirage, a request, a hope and a hard-nut to crack.

It is until when leadership is viewed and understood as a tool and an instrument of liberation that can be maximised as an approach that can inculcate all necessities for the betterment of all with policies of governance for salvaging and alleviating the plight of people who the entire human race can breathe a sigh of relief from the agonising realities and harrowing experiences of bad leadership that has trampled on the dignity of all humans from age to age.


The essentials of good leadership simply refers to the expectations,qualities and necessities required as a provision that will make the purpose of good leadership to be easily entrenched and engraved as a concept,a virtue,a value and a culture inscribed in the fabrics of the society which must be flexible and dynamic with it having at its nucleus, necessary need for it to be willed out as a legacy that is trans-generational, genetic, hereditary and constitutional.

These are viz:

  1. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding.
  2. Sacrifices
  3. Selflessness
  4. Humility and compassion
  5. Dignity and Simplicity
  6. Integrity and Purpose.
  7. Honesty and Accountability
  8. Ability to build a leadership structure and empire that is focussed driven.
  9. Vision and Passion.
  10. Humanness
  11. Boldness and bravery
  12. Eloquence and Self-respect.
  13. charismatic and enthusiasm
  14. Procreation and Re-production–giving birth, giving room and support to other leaders to take over.
  15. Being daring and adventurous.

These are the 15 basic essentials needed to champion a course that is goal driven which will end up providing solution to the problem of good leadership the entire human race has yearned for from time immemorial.

Once all these basic essentials are inculcated as an approach and a culture,it will be easier to build a legacy of good leadership that will stand the test of time and it will also serve as a good paraplegia to maximize available resources n the society to fashion a way out for personal development of every human being thereby making it easy to build a society that will have its culture,values and virtues on ideas and philosophies that are egalitarian and progressive in terms of definition and in terms of necessities and realities.

The applications of all these basic essentials will make the essence of a purposeful leadership easily obtainable without any confusion and struggle in making it a reality with the development of a sane and progressive society.

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Faydeyi Femihttps://mylittlesimplethought.wordpress.com/
Written by Faydeyi Felix Femi. Founder & Owner of The Word Smith Scribe - MLST Express Impacts’ Team Member, Contributor, Media/ News, Religion, Successful Living and writer.


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