1. Attend college

Getting bogged down with student loans is definitely a concern. However, college provides priceless experience like meeting new friends, getting out of your comfort zone, and learning skills that will help land a sweet job. And, most employment will need this. Graduating will also give you a leg up on other people applying for a job.

2. Learn to cook for yourself.

There’s nothing as rewarding as making a home-cooked meal and receiving compliments from friends and family. Besides, cooking your own food make sure that you stay happy and healthy for the rest of your life since it always includes fresh ingredients (wink) but overall, it can be a fun hobby. You don’t have to become a gourmet cook unless you want to – think simple, straightforward, healthy meals.

3. Know your family history.

This gives you a chance to actually sit down and talk with your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles while they’re still in your life. Also, you may be able to learn about a new culture and even originated from.


4. Run a marathon.

“running a marathon is one of those epic milestones. When you start running a marathon, you set goals, push yourself, build confidence, explore new places, and meet new people.

5. Start a workout routine.

The sooner you start working out, the better chance you have in maintaining a set routine for the rest of your life. It should go without saying that exercise controls your weight, mood, decreases stress and prevents many negative health conditions and diseases.

6. Start saving.

It may seem too early to think about your retirement. However, the sooner you start saving, the more money you’ll have when it’s time to enjoy your golden years. The money you save in your 20s will equal ,millions by the time of your retirement.

7. Improve your wine knowledge.

As you get older, you’re going to be invited to more events where wine will be served, so you’ve to know the brands of wine you take in, for you not to be intimated by others.

8. Find your BFF.

It’s funny about friendship. When you’re younger everyone is your friend. As you get older, however, you realize you only really need a handful of friends. And, that most important friends is your bestie. You know. The person who knows everything about you and is still friends with you. Find quality friend whom you enjoy and remember that friendships require an effort. Put the time in so you have this important stabilizer in your life.

9. Land your dream job.

There’s something to be said about working various jobs since they can teach you variety of skills. But, do you want to be doing all that change-up for the next 20 or 30 years? Find your dream job and make sure that you do all you can to secure it.

10. Find your cause.

Doing good for others makes you s stronger and more well-rounded person. Find out what you care about and devote yourself to it– Whether it’s throwing a fundraiser or volunteering at the local soup kitchen.

11. Range at a music festival.

While  it would sound awesome to be 70 years old and attending all day festival, chances are that you won’t be up for that. Enjoy the loud music and large crowds  while you can. Even if you don’t like it, try it once.

12. Write a story.

Writing something like a fictional story can boost your creativity and help develop your writing skills, which in today’s fast paced world of texting and tweeting could be in low supply.

13. Read, read and read…

Reading has several benefits like boosting your imagination, improving your communication skills, keeping your brain sharper and help you learn new things and experiences. Make reading a habit now and stick with it throughout your life.

14. Lean to get organised.

This may not sound like the sexiest of topics. But working on your organisation skills now will pay off later since it will reduce stress and save you a whole bunch of time and money.

15. Stop smoking

We all makes foolish mistake when we’re younger. And, for many of us, that mistake is addiction to smoking. It might have been cool in college, but it’s not a habit that is good for your health or those around you. And it’s pretty pricey, too.

16. Indulge yourself in luxury at least one.

This doesn’t mean that you should max out your credit card, It does mean that you should enjoy the finer things now and then, such as eating at an exclusive restaurant or purchasing a luxury item like Gucci bag. It’ll help you save and budget for the purchase and the experience or product will last for years. Don’t be that person that always has the best and spend way your “real money”  for the future, but do make a splurge at least once. It will motivate you in the future and push yourself for better.

17. Fail.

Yes, you read that correctly. Fail. And fail a lot. There’re no better ways to learn, grow and drive yourself to succeed in the future than ti fail. Fail fast and learn to pick yourself up fast as well.

I have failed countless times but it’s made me a better person and even a publisher.  This is while I am now still in my early twenties. Encase you want to know, I’ m in my mid twenties. Failure helped me to shape my life for the better.

18. Learn how to network.

Building a network can be beneficial in both your personal and professional lives. For example, maybe you had drinks with a couple from Britain while there were visiting the U.S. Now you have a contact oversees. If you attend an industry event, you should be able to interact with influencers or employers and make an impression with them. If your need their help to advance your career, they’re only an email or phone call away.

19. Sing in public.

Believe it or not, singing changes your brain. In fact, singing can make you happy and reduce depression or feeling lonely. If you have a fear of public speaking, there’s not a better way to overcome this fear than by singing your heart out in front than by singing your heart out in front of strangers during karaoke night. Sign so much that someone tells you to shut-up and you won’t be fearful again. Sing — even if you are really lousy at it.

20. Travel by yourself.

This may sound frightening. But traveling by yourself will push you to get out of your shell, help you discover who you really are and have experiences that you probably wouldn’t have had it you travelled with someone else. It will also give you valuable thinking time.

21. Familiarize yourself with a foreign language

I speak two languages and am learning another. If I can do it, you certainly can. You don’t have to become fluent in another language, though this would be the best option. You should, at least become somewhat acquainted with a foreign language. After all, this helps you learn about new culture, exposes  you to new people and help you become more open-minded. The older you get, however, the more challenging (but not impossible) this will become.

22. Enjoy the outdoors.

There’s nothing a beautiful and inspiring as nature. Don’t take it for granted. Regardless if you’re just star-gazing, hiking or white-water rafting, get outside as much as you can.

23. Rent a house with your friends.

Whether if it’s renting out a beach house or cabin for skiing, take the opportunity to spend as much time your friends as possible. You probably won’t have too many times to relieve these experiences. Besides, you may even learn how to budget as you set aside money for the rental.

24. Get lost.

There’s really nothing like hoping in the car and just driving to some unknown location. You never know what kind of adventure you’ll run into. Eventually you have to abandon some of these types of opportunities once you have responsibilities like family.

25. Get out on dates.

How else do you expect to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right? Best of all, you meet interesting people as well as enjoy the process of the dating scene before you do settle down. Stop worrying about having an awful boring night. learn to enjoy whatever happens and have fun with it. So what if lightening doesn’t strike? Learn how to date well.

26. Pull several all-night

No one is stopping you from partying hard after you’re 30. It’s just going to be a lot harder to recover. Get this out of your system while you can. This doesn’t have to be binge of some kind. Get laser tag all night, dance all night, play pool, games or cards all night.

27. Get yourself out of debt.

Debt is bad. There’s really no other way to say it. Make sure you can pay off as much debts as you can so that you’ll be able to save for the future. This will help you be able to afford things like a home or car. Better yet, stay out of debt in the first place. Debt, is a downer and a stressors you don’t need as a weight choking you and holding you back from great opportunities.

28. Build your brand.

Thanks to Google and social media, we all have a brand now adays. If you aren’t working on becoming the top Google result when you search for yourself or have some sort activity on social media then you’re doing something very wrong for your business. Having a brand will help you network and potentially even land your dream job.

29. Move somewhere entirely new

It’s scary as hell. But it will force you to get out of your comfort zone and experience everything from new cultures to meeting new people. Everyone should do this at least once and don’t let yourself go back to comfort spot until you have made it in your new local. You won’t believe the difference in yourself.



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