Like the popular sayings, Life itself is a teacher. here are the three things.

1. Originality.

A lot of you, subscribers of this digital magazine, had known me, my bran and most of the writers generally in times of our success, hardship and even our failure and our rebirth. Yeah, I learnt important lessons this season that has reshaped our company, our writing pattern. Originality is one of the most important lesson.

I, as the Founder/CEO of the Express Impacts Magazine, recently learnt this lesson, when this digital publishing magazine got crashed recently. It was like a night mere to me personally because I started from the wrong side of it in the first place. I didn’t know what right operation to make it original and different from other publishing magazine. The team, had to get back to the drawing board and find out, the why we started in the first place.

2. The positive aspect of failure.

At first, I was thinking it was my fault or I didn’t have the right knowledge, to try to build a community like this. I realise it was needed to help me and the team, review, strategize and restructure, how we should share our story(s) with our readers. Rather than thinking about the failure of our site but we should review and refined a way to tell you our stories, for reshaping, inspiring and motivating our readers, subscribers and audience.


I learnt that failure wasn’t an enemy, but a friend needed, that should direct us to the right path to meet our dream.

3. Success is at the other side of persistency.

Last but not least, failure thought me personally that even as a founder and CEO, I need to persevere, believe and fight my way back to my dream, passion and make it to the reason I started the company in the first place.

I also learnt, that sacrifice is the only way to keep this dream of mine achievable even in the midst of difficulties and other.

Conclusively, I became better than before and we, as a company understood the real fact of making this company.






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