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3 Reasons, Why You Should Have A Mobile Note-Pad Or Personal Journal With You Always As A Writer


1. Consistency in capturing ideas.

Everything came in existence as a result of adventure built on ideas. These ideas are captured at a certain thinking frequency! We’re built to control the position of our mind as human, but we can’t control the thoughts that comes into it. If you’re smart and sensitive, you can easily capture any idea that comes to you at anytime, by having a notepad or notepad with you always.

2. Overcoming writer’s block.

Not every time ideas comes to us as writers, most times we stay days, weeks or even months before that next book, article, tips, comes to us! Even the best of us, face this issue. Just by having a mobile notepad, notepad or personal journal, can save you from writer’s block issues. When ideas flushes your mind, you can easily write it down, type it in your mobile notepad and ponder on it when you have the time to draft out your next article or book.

3. Improve your memory.

As a writer, you’ll be able to improve your memory, just by having a writing pad, journal or mobile notepad with you always. When you face difficulties in remembering that idea that pups out from the atmosphere during your busy schedule at place of work, or having a lovely time with your friends and family, you can easily get back to your notepad and pull out that little words you penned down. By so doing, this can help your mind to be inspired and helps your memory to remember things, tasks you’ll have to execute.

PS. Most of my contents and Instagram quotes  I have made so far, were as a result of having a personal device (mobile phone) along with me!

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