It’s said that, sharing your goals with people secures your commitment to achieving such goals. Yes! You can share your goals and dreams with people, but there are some folks that you don’t try to. To keep your momentum and achieve your goals in life, here are 3 sets of folks that shouldn’t know your goals at all.

1. Critical thinkers

Criticism is good but not on the infant stage. To succeed and keep your momentum in achieving what you have set your heart, to do. Try to avoid these kinds of people, to avoid procrastination and keep your fire burning.

You may have all the confidence that you need, but you must still consider that your vision is in infancy and needs to be protected. You can seek their opinions when you’ve come with tangible results from your goals to prove your point(s).


2. Goal praisers instead of commitment.

A lot of time in our life, we always come across people who love our goals, our desires and in result we want to associate with such people because we are social beings. It’s good to have praisers around you to motivate you and your dreams. To succeed in your goals in 2018, surround yourself with people who like your goals but love your commitments to it, the more.

But if they are just goal praisers without knowing how you should achieve such goals. In order words if they don’t know you commitment towards your goals, better to avoid them in the first place.

3. Self-Goals negligence. (People don’t pursue their own goals.)

People who don’t pursue their own goals in life, I call them the self-goals negligence. There are two types of them: The ones that don’t even have goals in life at all and the ones that writes down what they want in life and decided to not do anything about it (hoppers’ club). In this content, I’m referring to the latter.

To be fair, we all have fall victim of this especially in the New Year Resolution things (wills & will nots) and then after 3rd January we break them one after the other. In 2018, avoid this kinds of people, so you too won’t be like them. They are not motivated to do what they must do!

A person like that may suggest to you, when you share your goals with them, that you don’t need to change.

It’s a selfish desire of a person who wants to feel equal by keeping you down – Success Magazine



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