Whether you blog to sell things, give advice, addressing an issue, etc. and you want to earn money from your effort. Note that, without audience, that you’re addressing to, you can never get the income, you ever desire.

To get the audience, which are your target market and keep them coming to your blog or website. There’re  tips you should know to identify your target market.

1. Understand the problems your customers, client or reader faces.

This is the starting point of every reasonable blogs, websites or companies as well. You have to spend time to find out what your audience are facing, wants and needs that you can give. Without knowing their real wants and needs, it’s like you’re writing, blogging to an empty space which doesn’t yield you values in returns. You’ll just be wasting a lot of time productivity.


2. Create a picture of your audience

Make a pictorial representation of your audience to know them better by having in dept. imagination of them. You can as well give them name if necessary. For instance, your audience are those who lives in central London and you’re targeting on small business or entrepreneur and you want to give them counsel, help them grow their business. You need to make a picture, to help your imagination, create relationship between you and them.

3. Give an offer.

However, know your audience, create a picture of your audience. Now, you need to help them to solving their problem by giving an offer. This, you don’t need to exploit them because you aren’t doing a consultation plan but you’re only addressing an issue and how they could benefit from it. All you’ve to do is to give them offers that they could afford, in return, they would for ever be grateful to you and automatically become audience, customers without follow-ups




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