Getting your website/blog to be in the top page of search engines seems toxic and takes an eternity to achieve that. Well, I’ve got good news for you how you could get on top of the search rank and drive more new visitors to your website. Here are 4 easy ways to boost your website traffic and trust me, it’s free and easy to do!

1. Backlinks

One of the things that are highly valued in SEO is backlinks. Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from one webpage to another — in other words, people linking to your website because they found value in what you’re saying. In addition, you’ll want to include hyperlinks to give your readers more useful information and to help build relationships with other bloggers.

Make sure that the links add value to your readers’ lives. You can never have too many backlinks for an article. You will build high traffic that will help you rise up in the results.


2. Image tags

People have images all over their websites, and chances are, you probably don’t use image tags to identify the images. Google indexing sites need to understand what the image is and when it should be served up. You must tag your images. If there are none, Google does not know how to identify the image.

Here on WordPress, Yoast is a plugin that reminds you to label your images. With tags, Google will know what the image is, how to index it, where to store it and when to bring it up in a search.

3. Keywords

You know those words you type into the search engine when you’re trying to find a website or something relevant to what you’re looking for on Google…? Yep, those are keywords and they play a crucial part in how your website, website pages, website posts, and everything else you post on your blog when they show up in Google’s search results.

When you don’t use keywords before you post your content, you prevent your posts from showing up in Google’s search results, and that’s important because you’re missing a free opportunity to not only boost your website traffic but also get more visitors to your blog.
Luckily, Google helps you with your keywords. You can use their free tool called Google Keyword Planner that will tell you popular keywords, but you’ll need a Google Adsense account to access it.

4. Meta description

Right below your URL on the search page is a sentence that serves as the meta description. This is an important summary that tells people what they will learn on the page. You want it to be engaging and truthful and prompt people to click and learn more. Use call-to-action words such as “learn” and “visit” to engage people and encourage them to find out why the information on your page is important to them.

These are tips you can implement with your next blog post to potentially increase your website’s traffic and gain new followers or customers. Give them a try and see what they can do for your business.



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