Are you facing writer’s block for the next story in your blog or articles for your book? We all face such situations as writers, even the very best of us! Here are 4 quick tips to help you overcome writer’s block and get that story you have waited for published. Enjoy!

1. Use brainstorming for ideas and for moving past blocks.

Brainstorming can allow for the introduction of new ideas that weren’t an original part of your plan. They can also help you get over writer’s block at any stage of the writing process. Set out time every day to brainstorm on ideas and make it a to-do activity, you’ll be amazed at how far you have gone in getting new ideas.

2. Brainstorm alone or with others somewhere.

Go somewhere you enjoy being, such as a local coffee-house with a great vibe, the beach, the woods, your favourite reading corner. It’s important to feel comfortable and at peace. If you’re working with a friend or group of friends, find a place where you all feel comfortable and can speak freely without feeling self-conscious. This has helped me a lot, especially in the evening when I’m with a very special friend.


3. Focus on the part of the story needing new ideas.

Let the ideas flow freely, and don’t stifle any of them. You never know which newly surfaced idea might develop further. Record all the ideas as best you can (writing, recording on a device, filming, etc.).

4. Allow the ideas to stay in your mind for a few days afterwards.

Which ideas have traction? Allow these to flourish and turn into real elements within your next article, blog or even podcast. Keep pondering over your ideas till it overwhelms you and then you can find a way out.

P.S I’ll leave you with this question, what way(s) do you overcome block? Any answer or tips, please drop below. Thanks!!!


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