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4 Strategies To Grow Email Subscription As an Entrepreneur

1. Add a Lead Magnet to Your Sign Up Form

Give your audience an incentive to sign up to your mailing list. The best “bribe to subscribe” is something your audience really wants and can use right away. e.g.

Toolkit / Resource Guide
Free Video Course
Discount Coupon
Simply, add a download link to your lead magnet in the “thank-you” page or final welcome email.

2. Turn Your Homepage Into a Sign Up Form

Homepages are often one of the most trafficked pages on a website. Make use of this traffic and set up a static front page on your website to collect emails and not show your latest blog posts.

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Follow this steps in WordPress to turn your homepage into a sign up form:

Add two new pages: name them “blog” and “home”
Create a static front page: Setting> reading > front page displays> static page > home.
Add sign up form to homepage: Copy and paste html code from Mail-chimp
Update navigation bar. Go to appearance> menus and add “blog” to navigation bar menu.

3. Add Pop Ups & opt In Forms Using Premium Tools

Use WP Subscriber Pro is a WordPress Plugin from MyThemeShop.com allows you to add customisable pop ups and opting form to your website.

This plugin improves the design of your sign up form and makes it easy to adjust the text and even skip double opt in which can slow down sign ups. You can buy once use across multiple websites.

Instructions: upload plugin, add in Mailchimp API and list id, and designate “thank you” page.

4. Use Lead-pages to Grow Your Email List Faster

Leadpages.net is a hugely flexible tool that will help you generate leads, save time and increase sales.

Grow your email list faster using Lead-pages in two ways:

1. Create landing pages (for webinars, Facebook ads etc.)

Design page from template
Integrate email provide (e.g. Mailchimp)
Add Google Analytics tracking code
Download as plugin and add to WordPress site.

2. Lead boxes.

Set up lead magnets tailored to the content of each post.
From my experience, this leads to 50%-60% email optins making it by far one the most effective ways to build your email list.

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