Using tweeter to promote your blog/site or product is an effective way to boost traffic to your stories, products and your blog entirely! Here’s four tips to help you get your blog more noticeable on twitter.

1. Tweet your posts.

Twitter is one of the more acceptable places to broadcast all of your blog posts, as it is designed for quick posts with links. Tweeting new posts is an easy task at face value, but you’ll need to spend some time planning it out. This is especially important as your global audience grows.

2. Write an attention-grabbing lead-in tweet.

Avoid just writing “New blog!” and linking to your blog. The majority of users will not click on these links, because they don’t speak to them at all. Cover an aspect of your post in the lead-in; if you’re writing about fashion tips, write something like “Wondering what to wear to the club tonight? <link to blog>”. Keep it short and sweet, but make sure that you are directing readers to your content.

3. Schedule your tweets.

As your audience grows, you will find that readers are coming to your blog from all different time zones. Your blog tweets can be easily lost when someone checks their Twitter 8 hours after you post. Use a social media management tool such as Hoot-suite to plan out a schedule of tweets.

4. Break up your blog update tweets.

Use Twitter for more than linking your blog. If your followers only ever see blog posts in your Twitter feed, they will grow fatigued of the links. Add insights and respond to other Twitter users throughout the day.


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