6 Ways to Get Inspired to Blog

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Do you face writer’s block and can’t get to blog or write? We all face that, even the best of us. Here are four ways to get inspired to blog.

1. Surround yourself with things that energize you.

You know what you love, whether it’s fresh-cut flowers, beautiful paintings, or meaningful quotes. Make these things a part of your everyday life. They’ll energize you, which can help create the right mind-set for being inspired.

2. Spend time reading.

Reading can inspire you to write your next blog, by providing fresh thoughts and ideas. Read anything from novels to news stories, and you may find an idea or even just a sentence in the text sparks inspiration for you.

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3. Learn more about your issue or topic.

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Spend some time researching on the internet to learn more about your topic. Alternatively, go to the library to find out more. You could even take a class in the topic for a more in-depth look.

4. Change your routine.

When you’re stuck in your daily routine, you stop noticing things around you. Changing up your routine invigorates your mind with new sights, smells, and sounds, which can provide you with inspiration.

5. Take a trip.

Traveling someplace, anyplace, can shake up your thinking, creating space for new ideas. You don’t have to travel to a new country. A simple day trip to a nearby town is often enough to get your creative juices flowing.

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6. Try a new art form.

If you’re trying to get inspired to write a song or paint a picture, maybe take an afternoon class in sculpture. If you’re trying to figure out a new recipe, maybe try a workshop on writing. Trying new outlets can get your creative juices flowing, which helps to open your mind to new inspiration.

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