5 Business Ideas, You Can Start With Less Than $1000 Capital

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1. Arbitrage

Arbitrage is when you hire a middleman to do your job for you. In other words, you work as an agency. For example, if you are a content writer who has been hired by a company, you would accept the work and then pay someone else to do it for you.

2. Writing a book.

If you have a specific area of expertise that you feel would be valuable to people, why not tell them through a book? Although you would have to invest a lot of time writing it, publicizing it to the world has been made increasingly easy, thanks to the internet and digital marketing.

Now, instead of spending money-getting it printed, you can simply sell it in a digital format on websites, such as Amazon. You could also create your own website, with an optimized landing page that would organically attract potential readers.

3. Drawing and designing logos and graphics.

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No matter how many design and logo-building tools appear on the market, the results are not comparable to those seen from professional designers. If you know how to use applications such as Photoshop and have a knack for all things design, then why not start offering your services from home in your spare time?

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You could start doing this as a form of side income and slowly evolve by growing your customer base through websites such as Up-work, People Per Hour and Freelancer. You could also create your own business website.

4. Investing in stocks.

Investing in stocks has been a common way for smart people to earn money on the side for years. Luckily, nowadays, you don’t have to figure out the stock market on your own because the internet provides you with all the information you need to know.

5. Blogging

Similarly to a book or eBook, a blog is a great way to share your expertise on a specific subject or industry. All you need to do is a use a blog-creating platform to get your page up and running then create awesome content. To make your blog successful, you must:

  • Optimize it to generate more traffic
    Update content regularly
    Couple your content writing efforts with well-structured social media marketing
    Once you have all the above put in place, there are numerous ways you can start generating an income from your blog. You could:
  • Become an affiliate
    Sell advertising space
    Create a course or webinar that people can sign up to
    Start a subscription business once you have grown a significant following
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