There are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs you can find on the web these days. Blogging has become a popular activity nowadays because it is easy to set up a blog and make money from it. Some people choose to blog as a hobby while others indulge in it solely for earning an income. Regardless of the purpose, you have to know some basics if you want to do it successfully. As mentioned earlier, there are countless blogs, which means it is not going to be easy for you to get noticed. You have to avoid mistakes and do things right. What are they? Here are some of the top blogging tips that all newbies can take advantage of when they are setting up their blog:

1.   Write down your passion

Yes, it is highly tempting to start a blog about something that’s currently trending because it guarantees that you are going to get visitors. But, you should bear in mind that these visitors are going to stop coming eventually because trends are subject to change and the attention span of people has become very short these days. Instead of doing so, you should write about what you love because this ensures you will never run out of content to write. Your passion is going to be evident in your posts and can draw readers. Click here for some interesting tips on what to blog about.

2.   Try to be different and unique

The truth is that regardless of the topic you select, whether it is fashion, cooking or something else, there are probably a zillion other blogs on the same topic. Therefore, you should spend some time thinking about how you can make your blog different. For instance, if you are doing a blog on crafts, why not do one on boy crafts? Most crafting blogs target female and this can be a different touch and is likely going to have some impact.


3.   Let your writing be your talking pattern

The best way you can make a blog shine is by writing the way you talk. People enjoy reading blogs in which the personality of the writer shines through. You get the feeling that they are sitting right in front of you and sharing their thoughts and opinions. It becomes easier and more interesting for people to read the blog posts. When you write the way you talk, the readers are going to build a connection with you while reading and this will lure them back.

4.   Create storming contents

When you are writing a blog post, think about whether you would want to read it. Don’t go for the painstakingly obvious things because they are annoying and no one wants to know about them. It is not possible for you to make each and every reader happy, but your goal should be to appeal to most of your audience and good content is essential for this purpose. Come up with helpful, creative and inspiring content as this will help your blog in being different, which is the point.

5.  Study and do your research on the topic you’re doing

Never put something out there until you have done your research and are sure it is based on facts. If your blog misguided someone, it is going to have consequences and it is going to go down before it has the chance to start-up properly. Be authentic and you will be good. Study some already established blogs to see how they are doing it as this can also give ideas, but make sure you are not copying them in any way. This is a definite no-no

Apart from these, you should work on your photography and formatting skills and you will be good to go.




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