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5 Proven Ultimate Habits That Will Make You Successful Entrepreneur

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1. Visualise your goals.

Visualization is a habit that helps you to draw pictures of achievement that will occur as though they have already. The entrepreneur, I’m today was a product of the things I projected in my mind during my teenage age without the necessary knowledge skills.

It has helped me for few years now, while still in my twenties. There’s no right or wrong way to visualize your goals. It’s a matter of setting time aside every morning or night to close your eyes and play a movie in your mind of what your life will be like when you’ve achieved your dream.

2. Update your mental tapes.

This is another habit that makes successful entrepreneurs. We all have old tapes in our head that we put on replay when a new opportunity arises. I was a terrible student in school, so for years, the tape that ran in my head reinforced old, negative beliefs about myself.

I would play the tape and go into a meeting convinced that I was not likely to succeed or get what I wanted.

I soon realized that my old tapes had outlived their usefulness and were getting in my way.

You’re not very good at this! for You’re just amazing! Show them what you’ve got!

So, I formed a new mental habit of updating the content of these tapes. I swapped out, “You’re not very good at this!” for “You’re just amazing! Show them what you’ve got!”

3. Rewire your beliefs in just five minutes a day.

This is another habit that makes successful entrepreneurs. While visualization and goal-setting are essential, one simple, daily practice can bring your goals to life. Set aside five minutes each day to write your goals down in the present tense with a specific result, as if you have already accomplished them.

We have 2,500 clients paying us $99/month for copywriting services

For example, you may write, “We have 2,500 clients paying us $99/month for copywriting services,”

The act of writing and rewriting your goals daily from memory rewires your nervous system to gives you total clarity on what your subconscious should be focusing on every single day.

4. Arrive 15 minutes early to everything.

This is another habit that makes successful entrepreneurs and distinguishes them from the others. Punctuality alone will get you very far in life. Make a conscious effort to arrive 15 minutes early to everything you do. Whether it’s your gym class, a dinner reservation, or the business meeting of your dreams, be early.

This will give you time to collect your thoughts and soothe any anxious feelings you may have.

5. Expect Failure always.

“weird” or this “not true.”

I know most people will look at me as “weird” or this “not true.” From experience, everything I’m today where as a result of failures I had in the past and learning to know more

From my high school to my college. I’m a good failure, sometimes not because failing is good but it helps to build you better than your peers, learn the things you neglected in the first place.

“what make it not to work out in the first place” and “how can I make it this time”

Failure is not that you don’t worth success but it’s a process of success that create balances in us from entrepreneurship to personal life and other things. When next you fail, instead of pondering over the rejection, think of the fact that “what make it not to work out in the first place” and “how can I make it this time”




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