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5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Website Theme For Your Business


1. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple & Smart)

Selecting a theme for your site/blog, this is one of the features, you should put into considerations. Keep it simple and smart for subscribers, users, viewers and your audience to easily navigate and play around your site. This keep your site compelling to your visitors and subscribers and they will keep coming to your blog!

2. Developer support availability.

This is something that not many people take into consideration when selecting a theme. It’s very rare that you will be able to install a theme and not have to make updates as the platform you are using changes and advances. Developer’s support availability will help you to solve many issues especially the advanced ones. So consider this tip!

3. Mobile compatibility.

Almost all popular modern-era website themes are responsive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are guaranteed to provide an excellent mobile experience. There are plenty of websites that will pass Google’s mobile test, yet provide such a poor user experience that they are worthless on smaller screens, in terms of conversion potential.

Look for a theme that is extremely adaptive and built with converting visitors in mind. If you look at this contact page on a desktop or laptop computer, you will see that the form features several steps. It’s eye-appealing and is very easy to complete on desktops and laptops.

4. Available plugins, apps and extensions.

It’s very rare that you will run a website theme in its stock version — you will customize the look and feel to match your brand, as well as add special features to enhance the user experience and turn more traffic into leads, sales and revenue. WordPress has over 54,000 plugins available, look for the plugins that suits your business.

5. Cross-browser compatibility.

Testing your website theme on all the popular web browsers is an important step, especially if you are considering using one that hasn’t been updated recently. With so many devices, browsers and operating systems being used, testing helps make sure that your theme will provide the same user experience and functionality for everyone.

There are plenty of free tools and resources available online, as well as paid options that offer a free trial. One of the oldest, Browser Shots, allows you to run your website through them all at once. The free open-source tool is a great starting point — if you do spot an issue on a particular browser you can then further investigate using other available resources.

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