1. Develop a 2 minute rule of David Allen

If a task can be done in 2 minutes, do it now. Stop trying to organize it. David Allen advocates for prioritization of tasks, starting with the tasks that will take the least time. Achieve more with 2-minute block tasks.

Additionally, if there is something you need to do, tell yourself you will only work on it for 2 minutes. That will get you started on it which is the hardest part and you will always work longer than those 2 minutes.

2. Have a morning Routine

A morning routine helps you work on tasks in order of their value to your business. If revenue is what matters to your business the most, then attend to the tasks that brings the most revenue when you are still fresh.


Routines can create a lot of momentum. Make sure you have good morning habits instead of bad ones because that’s how you set up the rest of your day.

3. “KISS”

“Keep it Simple, Stupid” or KISS is a concept that helps you attend to complex projects. Buy planning apps such as Asana to help you breakdown complex tasks.

4. Create rewards

The human brain is engineered to look for shortcuts. If a task is dull, you won’t feel like doing it. For every task you do successfully, reward yourself with say, a walk around the office, a peek into your social media platforms etc.

5. Disengage once every day.

The world is connected. You’re always in constant need to know what’s happening. Have at least one part of the day where all of your electronics or notifications are turned off. Create time to unplug from it all. Give your brain time to unwind and rejuvenate.

With this hack, you can develop a lifestyle of getting things done quicker, faster and smarter. S live that life.



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