5 Ways To Keep Your Readers Engaged With Your Blog

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1. Develop captivating headlines.

Headlines create the first impression to your readers, visitors. If you want to get readers to keep coming to your blog, you must cultivating the habit of having headlines, that captures the eyes of your readers. Invest about 80% of your blog in reaching and creating headlines that your readers will love. Spend quality time for about 10-20 minutes for writing down headlines in your spare times or break daily.

2. Go straight to the point.

Do you want your readers to keep coming to reading new stories in your blog? Humans don’t like spending time in reading or something naturally. Don’t make your story be boring to your readers, they will may regret coming back to your blog/site. As much as you want to tell them story, make it sharp, swift and easy to understand by going straight to the point.

3. Create a metal picture.

As much as you want to tell them stories, create stories that they can easily relate to! Create a mental picture of your story, to help your readers visualize the event or happenings. We’re visual beings and naturally visualize stories we are told, or read, as if we were in the same situation as the story happenings. Use this as a tool to pass your message.

4. Use powerful visual images for illustration.

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You can also use images to get your readers engaged! You can use powerful featured images to catch their attention, images as illustrations. You can create images to tell you stories like using info-graphics, demographics and other picture related stories. Readers love to see what they reading and helping them to make use of their visualization, will keep them coming to you.

5. Reply feedback and suggestion.

If you want to grow as a successful blogger, you must be willing to give your readers the best time needed, don’t just post. Engage with your readers as well! Comment is one of the way they show appreciations to your blog, you must spend time to answer them and get to know them the more. Most times, I get to spend time with my audience on social media and relate with all of them. That helped me to build my connection with them. Treat your readers and audience like you will treat a sibling, they stick to you!

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