1. Be loud and opinionated. Some people just can’t over-tweet or make too many videos, contents, blogs or even posts. Their audiences are huge, and people pay attention every time they open their mouths. Even if you don’t love everything a loud person says, you have no choice but to listen. They invite conflict and debate and don’t care whether you like them.
  2. Teach. The best way to help elevate yourself to elevate those around you. Give until hurts. Teach everything you know. Teach others your secrets. Walk people step-by-step through what you do and how you do it. Make your failures just as public as your successes. Use every lesson in your life as good advice.
  3. Break all rules. Productive people are too busy knocking over barriers to help their audience to waste time on rules. they don’t have time to ask whether they’re doing the proper thing or not. One of the worst things you can do is look at somebody else’s rule list and apply it to your marketing. No two people or companies are the same. Determine what your mission is and goals are. Then make up your rules along the way.
  4. Be shameless. Sometimes, people are afraid to share their knowledge because they don’t want to seem arrogant. They might not want to make a scene over a controversial topic. But, if you don’t speak up on your ability, people will turn to the guy, who does.
  5. Monetize baby. If a large online following always equated to money, the world be full of instant millionaires. This is definitely an area of business where the 80/20 principle applies. 80% of the money online is made by 20% of the people. How do you take 10,000 Instagram subscribers and make it rain money? Get them off Instagram and over to your email list. Then give them something to buy. Make something cheap for people who don’t have much money and make something else expensive for people who love you and have &1000 burning a hole in their pockets. As soon as you see your traffic and online following start to grow, develop a product to make their lives better.
  6. Build your platform. One of the most important pieces of advice I got from Entrepreneur media: Don’t build your empire on rented land. The bitter reality about social media that most people seem to forget is that you don’t own your social media information. You don’t own any of your followers.


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