If you’re feeling like quitting already, don’t give up just yet. You can pull through by looking at your long-term goal and remembering why you started. Stay on target by finding someone to keep you accountable and rewarding yourself, and if your approach isn’t working, try to get a new perspective. Deal with your stress by doing something relaxing and taking your mind off of your project for a bit.

1. Live a life of purpose.

With everything you do in life, live it with purpose and love. It doesn’t matter where you are at right now in life or what your future goals may be. See your life for what it is right now and learn to love it. Living a life of meaning and purpose and shifting your mentality to love, acceptance and gratitude, will attract more positivity into your life making it easier for you stay motivated.

2. Focus on the Future.

Whatever your goal, imagining yourself succeeding in it. Think about what it would feel like to be you in that moment. What does that future version of yourself have to say to you now? Think about the big picture and stay motivated to meet your goals. Journaling your thoughts and feelings can help you solidify your motivations to keep going.


3. Remember your intention.

Remember what started you on your journey. What was it that initially fired you up for your goal? What outcome did you want? Think back to your initial motivations and become re-inspired by them.

4. Let go of being perfect.

Striving for perfection is admirable, yet often unattainable. If your end-goal is always perfection, you may carry projects to a certain level of completion then abandon them when you realize that they’re not perfect. Stick with projects even when they’re difficult or not going your way. If necessary, take a small break and return to it with a new perspective.

5. Ask yourself what would happen if you quit.

It’s easy to talk yourself out of doing something, especially if you’re tired or struggling to fit in in your schedule. However, when you start making excuses, counter with the negative consequences of quitting. How will it affect your self-esteem? How will it affect your personal or professional life?

6. Have faith.

There is a wise saying that “man is a product of his mind-set.” It takes the act of believing, that your dream had already taken place. You’ve to have the faith, that your future is settled by focusing your mentality for success. Faith is necessary especially when you’re just starting out, maybe on a project, a new product, business or whatever you’re trying to accomplish. Believe it has been completed and strategize how to get the results on your mind.



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