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6 Ways To Attract More Visitors To Your Blog

Starting a blog or site is one of the most exciting things, when it comes to the internet. Getting more visitors to visit your site is like all of a hell thing. As an entrepreneur, blogger or content creator you can build up your blog and get it stand out from the crowd, especially when you’re new to this game!

If you’re new to owning your own blog, there are steps and tips you can learn to increase the rate of visitors that come to your blog. If you follow this steps and tips, I’m gonna share, you’ll surely have a well established blog!

1. Have a well-built site or blog.

If you’re building a blog, you want to have it completed first before you start driving traffic to it. A lot of times have bloggers published a site or blog that is not done and as a result, visitors that come to the site turn away due to inadequate contents they find there. Don’t make this yours!

2. Get your blog indexed by search engines.

After completing your site, have it indexed as ASAP with search engines. The reason for this, is to help potential visitors  to locate your blog easily online and get involved with your business. Submit your site to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

3. Submit articles that pertains to your blog.

Article posting is a good way to get your blog known to the web community and at the same time allows you and your blog to build a relationship with your visitors. When submitting articles, make sure you always add a link back to your blog for the source. If your content is so interesting, the readers can view your blog for more information.

4. List your blog site with directories.

Directories are different from search engines! They list your site based on topics, subjects and categories of your site. They also allow you to give detailed description of your blog, so visitor can get in-dept knowledge of your blog. Most directories have a screening process so to make sure your blog gets accepted always have fresh and unique content. Many people will search directories instead of search engines.

5. Join forum site and blog.

Forum sites and blogs are great places to post comments and answer questions people have! Most forums will allow you to create a signature to where you can paste a link to your site. Each time you post a topic or answer a question, your signature gets posted as well. Forum like Quora is a great place to drive traffic free! Sign-up now, if you haven’t!

6. Always adapt to changes.

Last but not least, always adapt to the changes of the internet, your visitors. Like the popular sayings “the only constant thing is changes” Be flexible to the things that happens online and suit it. The steps above are great ways to get your blog known on the internet and help attract many of visitors. If you want to build a lasting position on the web, you need to be able to adapt to it’s ever-changing ways. With the steps giving out here, you need to branch out and mod them into a way that benefits your blog and maximise the niche your brand is.


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