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6 Ways To Get Inspired to Write

1. Hangout with friends

Yes! you can get inspired by friends, if your friends are inspiration to you. But you can turn them as well to be your source of inspiration. When they present a topic in your discussion with you, or you otherwise. Have an eagle eye in such topic, to see what they don’t see. You can convert that into writing.

2. Outsource stories for inspirations

If you can’t think of your own story topic, open up a newspaper or Google an interesting subject. Find a headline and read the story. Write an entirely new story based on this topic, or use this existing story in a new, creative way.

3. Read!!!

Read other work to find new topics to write about or angles on similar topics. Then write a poem about what you’ve learned. Learning about something new is like Watching a movie for inspiration. Look for characters to build on, dialogue to work with, or landscapes to set your stories in. Then, use these elements to write your own story or blog.

4. Look at a piece of art and write about how it makes you feel.

View artwork in person or online, and write out details of the artwork. Include your thoughts and feelings. Then, expand upon what you wrote in a short story or poem.

5. Mark words of inspirations when reading

Select a page from a newspaper, magazine, or book and grab a black permanent marker. Glace at the page, and look for words that strike you. Make a line through the words you don’t want to use with your marker, leaving just a few words. The remaining words make up your poem.

6. Watch movies that inspires you.

Let’s say you love watching teenage movies, you can get inspirations from those movies, e.g I get lots of inspiration from High street musical even in my twenties. There are movies that are source of inspirations. You can get inspired to write or blog.


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