Currently social networks are a medium of great importance to the vast majority of individuals around the world, many use them as an outlet to the routine of daily life and responsibilities, others have almost as an addiction, and so we could continue to name reasons to enter this medium, however, the fact is that every day there are more people who connect to these, which attracts companies of all kinds.


As much they have to know, the mass media have advanced a lot, giving entrance to the era of social networks, within which there are as many media as it is possible to imagine, this consequently has made millions of people, regardless of their physical location, can be in contact through these channels; In turn, these media have been evolving to the point where we are today.

Communicating with other people is still the main objective of these, however, what changes between one and another is the format, for example, Twitter gives precedence to written communication, although in turn, in a certain sense, forces users to measure themselves and think very well what they want to express, because it has a limit of characters, unlike Instagram where the images are given precedence.


So, we have many networks with different characteristics in each one, however, they all have something in common and this is what attracts different companies, millions of people together, to which we can reach in a relatively simple way, and we say relatively simple because, if we do not follow an adequate strategy, success will be little or none, that is why we have prepared this list with 7 steps to create a winning medium.

1. Define and be very clear about your objectives

Establish clear objectives with name, that is, do not propose only “increase sales this year” your goals must have specific amounts of both time and the item to be treated, following the same example would be “increase my sales by at least 10% in the next quarter “, in this way you not only propose a quantity of increase in sales, but also you put a reasonable time limit.

This technique is better known as SMART by the acronym of: Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and temporal, these words perfectly define this step for the creation of a winning social environment.

2. Analyse your weaknesses and strengths and work accordingly

This is a piece of advice that will never lose validity, it is essential that you take into account the weaknesses and strengths of your company, in this way you will have the possibility of correcting processes that are no longer as effective as they could have been at another time, now, some wonder if I should consider something as a weakness? This point is very important.

To determine what is successful and that we should not analyze the situation external to the company, that is, the market as such, if we are addressing our potential customers in the right way or in the right way, it is important for you to support them in informs about the current market and analyze the different social media to determine which is the most appropriate to promote your brand, company or product.

3. Analyse the current market and how it moves

It is imperative that we take into account what type of market we are targeting, which is why we must always analyze the interests of the people to whom the advertising is directed, who want to see and how often, a fact that many times long is that cramming advertising often causes discomfort in the new generations, which ends up frightening them instead of attracting them.

4. Define your proposal whenever you can

Refreshing our objectives is never the case, so we will always have an answer to the questions that potential new clients may pose, to be clear about the vision and mission of your company is fundamental, for this you can help with the following questions:

  • About us?
  • What do we do?
  • Why do we do it?
  • Why do we do it?
  • Where do we do it?
  • What do we believe?

5. Define a solid strategy

One of the fundamental steps to have a solid strategy is the in-depth analysis of your target clients; and after that create a content that is striking for the type of target customer that is being searched.

6. Create a budget for three types of situations or scenarios

While it is true that there must be a lot of publicity if you want to promote a brand, it is essential to take into account three scenarios, one optimistic, one moderate and one pessimistic, as it is commonly said, it is better to be safe than sorry and be prepared for the worst it is not to be negative, it is simply caution.

7. Stay in evolution

The market is not static, it is always in motion, which means that it is necessary to implement measurement methods and not get stuck when it comes to content creation, the style must vary according to the tastes of potential target customers.



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