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7 Tips to Be More Effective in 2018

The start of a new year always feel exciting to us! For passionate people like us, content writer, entrepreneurs and others not mention; it brings brand new opportunities. If you’re need to make the best of this year, I invite you to make the best of 2018 by following this 7 tips to be more effective this new year.

1. Set your goals.

Before you can achieve your goals, you must first set them. This tip is more than a typical new year resolution, that you’ll almost have forgotten by the end of February, 2018. This will help you to focus more than a new year resolution and give you the commitment you want, to follow through the year 2018. This goal that you set, is entirely up to you! They could be your health, your career, relationship or anything you want in the year.

The important part is that, you choose goals that really means something to you and you follow through to meet that achievement.

2. Remember that you’re never stuck.

Far too many people stay in this negative thought “I’m stuck” as if they are stuck there with no opportunity for escape. The reality is that, you’re the captain of your life! Who you have, who you have there with you is entirely up to you. It’s your choice!

Rather than, remaining in a certain kind of situation because you’re stuck. Take control of your life in 2018 and step out to whatever, it is that brings you happiness and fulfillment.

3. Discipline yourself.

You can never underestimate the potential of someone, who is so disciplined. Your goals, the chances you face and the challenges you give yourself, can only be achievable, so as long that you have discipline.

In 2018, try to inculcate the attitude of discipline! The only person, standing between you and your goals is YOU! Get pass that person in your front, you will be much more effective this year.

4. Practice self-evaluation.

Honesty and self-evaluating helps you to shine out, that creativity in you. Evaluate your strength and weaknesses and improve yourself, every single day of your life in 2018. Like the ancient greek sayings:

“Man, you know thyself” by Greek Philosophy.

It’s difficult to know your weaknesses and strengths. In 2018, take out time to reflect, here and there, where your weakness and strengths are. Evaluate yourself, your actions and your performances! Use the information you gather to start evaluating yourself.

5. Learn how to say “no”

Yes is not always the answer. There is such a thing as giving the right and straight answer. Many people are guilty of the fact that, when they need to say ‘no’, they give ‘yes.’ Sometimes, it might be offensive to other parties, but give the right answer when necessary. Say ‘no’ when you have to do so.

6. Delegate.

Not every task you can handle, yourself! Learn to delegate tasks to people, that can do those tasks. It help you to be more effective in your 2018. Give others the opportunity to do, what they can do for you!

7. Declutter your life.

Declutter any area of your life to make you more effective and efficient. Clean your works-space, your mind, your emotions and your networking (people you spend time with on daily basis).


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