It’s a new year today! To be precise 2018. People all around the world are rejoicing for another year like this. A lot of people today around the world are writing new year resolutions and plans for the year. Kudos to those that have written plans and decisions this year. My job today is to help you achieve your new year resolution(s). Here are 7 tips to fulfilling your new year resolution.

1. Write it down.

Get a piece of paper or diary to write your resolution like a goal for the year. Create a map on how to achieve your goals this year by writing it down. Put it in writing!

2. Plan your year strategically.

When writing a new year resolution, also create strategic plan to achieve your goals for the year and what you have decided to do this year. Plan everything that has to do with you this new year, in your finance, business and personal life.


3. Stay hungry for knowledge

To crush your 2018, you must stay hungry for knowledge. Set plans and ways to absolve new information’s, ideas, skill and experience in what you must do.

4. Take a break when needed.

Because you have written a new year resolution, doesn’t mean you should over task yourself to kill the resolution. You’ll only end up hurting yourself. We are human, sometimes we get stuck when trying to carry out our responsibilities. In such situation, you need a break and regain yourself. Have a enough rest before pushing your dream. Put a balance in your life.

5. Live healthy

A healthy life makes your work load easier when carrying out your duties. Eat nutritious meal and drinks. Take good care of your physique.

6. Discuss your resolution with someone.

The best way to stay in track of your new year resolution is to tell someone, that will push you to succeed your plans. Surround yourself with souls that are eager to push you when you’re unmotivated and believe in your resolutions.

7. Keep moving.

This year is a year of opportunity. It’s okay to fail this year, but it’s laziness and lack of vision to give up when the stump is around. Just keep moving, both good and bad times this year. Keep adding to your life advancement towards your goals.




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