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7 Ways To Make Your Blog/Site Eye-Catching

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1. Build a cohesive design for your blog.

Make your site easy to look artistic, the appearance of your blog creates the first impression! If your site is hard to look at, you won’t retain many visitors. Ensure that your style matches your niche, and that it’s modern enough to be pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.

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2. Keep it simple

If you clean your site up by removing all the unnecessary visual element, it will allow important items to stand out. You should leave some white space on the page so the illusion of the space is visually pleasing, as well as easier to navigate.

3. Make use of high-quality images/photographs

If you are using photographs on your site, make sure that they are as high-quality as possible. This may mean investing in a better camera if you take your own photos

4. Create a navigation menu

For easy navigation, you should create a toolbar with links that are easy to navigate and position the toolbar in an area that makes sense. Web users often look for the toolbar across the top, down or side of the page. It’s often forgotten but very important to point your users to your homepage.

5. Commission are for your site.

If you don’t have much artistic flair, you can commission art for your site to give it a professional look. This can have a big impact on the feel of your site.

6. Use Infographics.

These are very sharable, and dominate social media feeds. There are sites online that can create infographics for you based on your data and template choices.

7. Create a YouTube channel link it to your site.

If your suite lends to videos, consider linking YouTube channel to it. You can embed YouTube Videos in your blog for more details. You can even monetize your YouTube channel for additional revenue.

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