According to the Chinese Philosopher named CONFUCIUS:

The man who makes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones

Perfection can be viewed as a state of achievements and accomplishments that is filled with deep inner satisfaction and devoid of errors and mistakes. It is situation whereby all that is needed for any attempt to be viewed as successful is put in place without any error of commission or omission.

It is a state of achievement that everybody that is undergoing a particular task or attempt always wish for and dream of.


The perfect way to be perfect is to accept imperfection as a way of life by starting an attempt from the scratch while being imperfect until perfection in such an attempt is attained.

Perfection in any attempt takes time and requires starting of an attempt probably in an imperfect way.

No doubt about it, waiting for a task to be carried out at a perfect moment has really delayed and cowed many endeavours that would have been maximised to turn around the plight of humanity.

If care is not taken, the so-called “perfectionist mentality “is an idea and philosophy that holds many destinies in bondage.

In essence, there is no need for a situation to be perfect before issues that has to do with the solution to the situation is sought for.

The urge and the orgy of making things perfect always cause a kind of delay which eventually result into a situation whereby nothing will be the result of an attempt.


It wastes time and resources.

It fires and breeds procrastination.

  1. It is a good source of retrogression
  2. It breeds stagnant
  3. It is a killer of dreams
  4. It is a marauder of vision.
  5. It makes a mission to  vision tedious.
  6. It withholds greatness.
  7. It put people in bondage.
  8. It encourages our affinity to run after shadows instead of running after substance.

Without mincing words, it is of essence for everyone to know and understand that it is uncalled for waiting for a perfect moment before any attempt can be carried out.

Everyone should strive to make every moment perfect by embarking on a simple task in an imperfect way until the attempt becomes perfect .

Perseverance, Patience and endurance are the basic attributes needed for any justifiable course and attempt to start and they are also needed for such trying to become perfect with a drive for excellence being the hallmark of such attempt within a space of time.

The best way to learn and master perfection is to learn and master imperfection.

Without imperfection, nothing can be made perfect.




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