1. Build an appealing profile.

Instagram has allowed users to edit the display picture, account  name, account description and post different pictures about yourself or your business. This is why it makes a great marketing tool to play with. You can use this to your great advantage and build an audience through Instagram.

2. Include a link to your business and other platforms.

This includes your website, geographical location, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This will allow your Instagram account to use the existing audience from other platforms to gain more followers. All platforms in some way enable a way in which they can link Instagram accounts, whether it is by sharing the same image that is posted on Instagram into both Twitter and Facebook or by an icon on your YouTube Page.

3. Ensure sufficient post appeal.

Since the establishment of the Instagram, it’s been all bout Visuals, which is a great tool in this present day social media marketing. Develop visual sufficient post that appeals to your audience and target market in the platform.


4. Use calling Hashtags.

Hashtags are a great way to be found. If used correctly, they can be of great impact to increasing followers and subscribers to your website. This you can develop by being specific about your posts, as prescribed by Instagram’s own blog (Instagram 2014). It’s better to be specific, so if there is a picture of an iPhone, it’s better to use #iPhone and not #Apple. It’s also important to use relevant hashtags. For example, if it’s a post of some college friends, it’s better to use #Bpstudents and not #photos.

5. Engage with other users.

Like any other social media network, Instagram is made to connect people. The only way to connect is engaging with them, Like other’s photos and comment on them. When users see that the company is active and there is a human behind the account, they’ll certainly engage back and want to know more about your business or what you do as human. This will help promote your business.

6. Reward your followers.

One good way to keep followers loving your brand is to reward them. Some examples of rewards includes offering giveaways, special discounts, promo codes or even showing your followers “behind the scenes” of the company.

7. Monitor posts.

A lot of apps are designed to analyze how the account is going to give feedback and detailed insights that will help improve the account. The apps can tell you what is the most liked picture in the account, the most used hashtags, the growth rate of followers and more.

8. Use Video

Video are a big hit for marketing. Sales and statistics show that 100 millions users watch online videos on daily basis. Develop a brand video that showcases your messages to your market and users. People mostly remember videos played months ago than other medium form. Use this to your great advantage for your business.




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