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5 Ways to Gather your Audience Online As A Blogger


1. Leverage the use of Quora.com.

This is a free website that allows you to deep into the common questions that your customers asks, this website allows you to get insight on the market problems, what your targeted market are facing as a challenge, like for example questions people ask such as “how do I drive traffic to my website for free?” “what are the best way to build my niche” and many more questions. So you can provide solutions to solves their problems after studying the problems and you’ll make an edge from this.

2. Facebook groups.

Another thing you look at is Facebook group, it’s very easy to find groups when you get into Facebook. You can us the search bar at the top left hand of Facebook page to search for groups that are talking about what you’re looking for. In those group that you’re interested in, you could see discussion on a particular topic. These members of the group got their profile, you can review their profile and see what they are struggling with, so you can provide solutions to them.

3. Online Review Site.

You can also view these websites like Amazon, Yelp, Yahoo and so on, to find out what people are saying through their customer review to know your customer, their likes, satisfaction and what they don’t like to help you provide the best product or service to their demands, so you can get a sense of who your targeted market are.

4. Surveys.

Survey is a very important element in the digital world, where you can interact with your prospected customer tho gather information from them and help you to know more about them. A powerful tool I used mostly to gather information from people is the type-form, with this you can create form that enables your targeted market interact with, share their personal information to know them beyond just being customers or client but build a lasting relationship and trust. The form is so simple to use and gives you the best feedback necessary.

5. Google analytic.

In this tool, you can study your target market deeper by analyzing your existing customers and the relationship between them, your products or services and their relationship between them and your brand.

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