Cold? I’ve been living homeless in the cold long time ago until I no longer feel the cold, hunger or thirst, the fear has stolen me!
How terrible is it to be born an innocent child with unborn dreams who were already fated to die, to grow up in rubbles and ashes, to be raised in war’s grace.

Like a lonely shore I do feel, keeps slowly on crumbling facing an angry huge ocean. I have no father to have my back, nor a friend to keep my secrets.

Only a memory of loud screams and bloody bodies and thin pale skin with tens of scars remaining how to terrify was yesterday! A part of me dies every time I see my mother eyes; this little combination of darkness that torment has left in them and a certain brightness of hope that her missing son will someday come back home… Home, Where is home?


Today feels a little “peaceful” though. At least I woke up to a little sunshine and a bird singing instead of bombs exploding in these dark skies; I wonder what would bring a beautiful creature to such a disastrous land? Maybe I should just set my mind free as the wind blows and live in the moment. This blessing that Lord sent to a surviving orphan is surely something I shall not miss.

Here I am again smiling at what’s beyond the horizon, praying for these bleeding wounds to heal, for these rivers of melancholy to dry, and for this War to come to an end.C



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