This piece is one out of the zillion line of random thoughts published by the author recently on social media platform engineered to serve as a source of eye-opener to would be reader.

The story goes thus:

No doubt about it, calling you and your wife “daddy and mummy” is envogue.
A spiritual fashion that I am yet to locate where it is supported in the scripture. Though, this is not debatable by me, it is a personal conviction and it should remain at the level of personal conviction. It should not be enforced on anyone and no one should stylishly be coarsed or cuddled to follow suit. If any of your members like, they can turn your children and your household to demi-gods or goddess.


It is pertinent to know that the place you occupied and the space you covered does not make you better than others. Being ahead is not synonymous to being better off.

There are wide differences and discrepancies in what ordination stand for and what anointing stand for.

While you are leading in the house of God, pray for more anointing and stop being distracted with the ordination you had years ago.

It is also important for you to know that what really matters and what really counts is the anointing you carry not the post occupied by you through ordination.
Ordination does not make you omnipresent, omnipotent, invincible and omniscience. Floor members in your church can be more anointed and known to God than you.

It is important for you to destroy the cloak and garments of pride you put on yourself by the post you occupied.
Likewise, in the secular, the post you occupied in your office does not make you better off. It is foolishness for you to think that the post occupied by you should make others to be less important.

Working for an organization is not a sign of any achievement. Rather, you become better when you realized that as a worker in an organization, you are just expendable like a working tool that could get lost or discarded at any time.

There are many people working as your subordinate that are better off in reasoning and achievements. The kind of pride you attach to the post occupied by you makes you to lack understanding that could make you become better.

Pride kills!

It is an omen I dislike and hate.

Pride is a stench that its offensive and pulsating smell is quite choking and irritating.

Once, I perceived it, I pull out from such a person forever.
Why will you look down on somebody God created?

In conclusion,
It is not your ordination that counts, it is the anointing that counts.
It is not the post you occupied that matters, it is what you achieve with the post that matters.
Stop being proud.

Occupying a post or a position of authority at any point in time is an opportunity given by God and those who are opportune to have such should see it the way God is seeing it.

God gave that post or position of authority to you for sundry reasons which are:

  • To serve humanity.
  • To elevate others including your subordinates.
  • To stand as an example to others in deeds and actions.
  • To be a role model to the millennia.
  • To establish the plan and purpose of God on earth.

These are some of the reasons while you are where you are.

Every post or position of authority should make you better as you invest your resources in terms of time and other essentials to better the lot of other people looking up to you.

It is an aberration and a deviation when the purpose of the post of authority occupied by you is turn around by you to be a tool of fanning deep pride that makes you to look inward and forward in fulfilling the purpose of God in your life and in the life of those you are giving authority to lead.

Authority at your disposal should not be misconstrued as a tool of pride but it must be invested, optimized and maximized to make your subordinate and every other people looking up to you to become better, thereby raising them up to stand firmly.

Good leadership breeds good leaders while a bad one grooms bad leaders.

Do you know how you can recognize a bad leader?

Pride makes a leader bad.

Remember, King Saul lost all through PRIDE.

Do not be another King Saul.

Pride steals enthronement and royalty but establish destruction and dethronement.

If you doubt this, search for the story of King Saul on the web.



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