About Us

Welcome to our About Us page that details all we are as an organization, what we stand for and what we hope to achieve with our platform. Get to know us better with this and we hope to build a strong, long lasting relationship with you.


Simply put, we are a digital community driven by the purpose of giving everyone who has ever had a passion for anything whatsoever a platform to share it to the world, to individuals who are just as passionate as themselves.

There are thousands of very creative and innovative individuals out there who are desperately searching for an opportunity to showcase their ideas and skills, who are constantly searching for individuals who are just like them or individuals who are passionate about their field of interest, we at Express Impact are focused on creating said platform, focused on being the bridge that connects these various individuals who share similar interests.

We believe in creating a society or community strongly linked together by like-minded individuals who share similar goals, interests, and passions.

Since our inception in 2016, we at Express Impact have always focused on producing compelling articles, creative contents, outstanding videos and other top quality materials to our audience in the publishing industry. With the help of our highly skilled professional team of creatives, we constantly aspire to impact our community by creating and publishing innovative and epic contents.

We also actively indulge in the production of monthly magazines issues that range from creativity to lifestyles and business, as well as for young individuals who need a platform to showcase their passion in what ever field they are in.


At Express Impacts, there are various activities we engage in to help facilitate our active digital community and create a platform for various clients. They include;

  • We being an online publishing platform seek to collaborate with various creatives to effectively deliver their contents to the world. With a professional back team who facilitate the activities of our digital community, we are able to help creatives publish their various contents to our online community.
  • We establish strong social relationships and partnerships to foster the growth of our online community. We constantly endeavor on social networking in order to build our active digital community.
  • We constantly create innovative ways to connect like minded individuals in various creative circles to one another. This is made possible through the activities of our digital community, the platform create an avenue for like minded individuals who share similar interests and passions to meet each other and build impactful relationships.
  • We create authentic and captivating content to help educate various individuals in our digital community. Through our captivating content like articles, videos and other quality materials, we are able to constantly impact on the lives of our online community, helping them maneuver through the various obstacles life might through at them in our society today.
  • We serve as the bridge that connects creatives with captivating content to their various target markets. Partnership with us as a contributor and we can be able to channel your published contents to the right audiences who can show appropriate appreciation and whose lives can be changed by said contents.


Our number one purpose here at Express Impacts is to be the number one leading digital community servicing a large number of creatives who are constantly producing compelling content.

We believe our purpose to be one of Impact, one that can help individuals who have felt helpless for so long. We believe we can change the lives of thousands of people through the provision of our platform for them to be able to showcase their ideas and talents.

We also believe we can change the lives of various individuals by our production of compelling articles, creative contents, outstanding videos, and other top quality materials to our audience in the publishing industry who we know need these various contents.

We believe in impacting our society through various creative innovations that constantly challenge the idea of the norm and one that constant pushes the boundaries in our already stagnant societies. Like our name implies, we serve the purpose of giving individuals a platform to show maximum expression and be able to get their desired impact.