You have come to the end of the year 2017, precisely few days to end and close the chapter. You can look back to what you wrote in the beginning of the year, the resolutions and habits, that you tend to accomplish in  life within the year. But not all of them were achievable! Another year is drawing close! To help you achieve the goals you tend to, here are few tips that will help you set that goal!

What is Goal Setting?

Goal setting is something that enables an individual to achieve his/her aims. It’s usually a mental or physical list of what an individual intends to achieve. We all have aspirations though most of us don’t know how to draw a roadmap to achieving our goals To meet our goals, we need to be focused It’s not enough to just daydream and hoping the world will align with our wishes. You must set out with a plan and knowing that your effort start bearing fruit. Below are habits to imbibe as you look to set and achieve your goals in 2018.

1. Set smart, attainable goals.

We have lots of desires and goals but they cannot be achieved at the same time Some of them even need that you have achieved some before they can happen. For instance, as a student who wants a car, this can only happen when you have a significant source of income Knowing this, set goals in stages and do not overburden yourself. This is because if you set too many goals, you would not be able to achieve all and might feel like you have failed. So set smart, few and attainable goals.


2. Become one with your goals.

Imbibe your goals. Make them an integral part of your life. Let everything you do be deliberate and geared towards the achievement of your goals. Do not cut yourself any slack Instead keep pushing and reminding yourself how important it is that you achieve your aims. Doing this will help you prioritize and stay focused on your dreams.

3. Be true.

Be true to yourself and to your goals is the very key. Nothing gets done or done properly if you are trying to imitate others. Be you! Put in the hours and keep motivating yourself. This also involves knowing yourself enough to recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

4. Don’t let your circumstances influences you.

Not everything that goes according to plan. Things happen and, if care not taken, can derail a person’s plans. You have to be mentally and physically ready for this type of things. You know that sayings.

“when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade”

Yeah! But in this instance, demand an apple and have a fruit drink too.  Whatever, that tries to draw you back, always hold at the back of your mind the decision that you must not lose focus of the goal, which is the endgame!

5. Be ready to the price for success.

Nothing like some saying, goes for nothing. There is a price to be paid for our wants, goals and desires. There is no such thing as free lunch; someone somewhere is paying for it. In the course of trying to achieve your goals, do not balk (to hesitate) at he price you have to pay Be ready to make those sacrifices which would be demanded of you.

6. Ask for help, feedback.

Advice, praises, criticisms and feedback helps shape us, even the very best of us. They will help you grow, and recognize where corrections are needed, Feedback will help you take note of your blind spots and fix them, It’s good to ask for feedback from your mentor, friends and family Be open to different feedbacks from different people, especially negative feedbacks.

Make it happen! Success doesn’t come by chance Make your own luck. Luck is nothing but when preparation meets opportunity. Seize the day Take control and responsibility. And above all, do not despair!




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