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As Firm As Iron

     A feeble, slanting wooden part of the tree

                stands still beside the path towards modernity.

                 All of its greenery and leaves has been taken aside.

                      A powerful stroke of axe have made it impossible for them to hide.


          A narrow clay path covered half with the grass was the thing

 which was seen by the tree while it was sprouting.

It can still remember the first day

when it saw a cheerful day for its first flowering. 


With each passing days it has seen,

modernisation, deforestation and development were something,

which drove the mankind so fast, that they become fierce

to destroy nature and its impact remained unforeseen.


Today just its bifurcated structure symbolises its presence.

Greenery, vibrance of life, chirp of birds claims there absence. 

With few other feeble trees in this vast locality

this dead structure is bearing the proof of today’s shameful reality. 

Jagriti Roy
A teacher, thinker and Blogger from India. I mainly write poetry and essays on social issues on my blog.


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