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Hey, I'm Edas Aigbe --- The Internet Noise Maker and Influencer your mum warns you about... I'm that destructive digital entrepreneur that waves crowd from Start-up race of Entrepreneurship to the finish line! This is my little gift to the digital world, for everyone who got a voice. Join the Express Impacts Magazine and Platform, if you've got a passion and a voice like me... Visit my link above to register in this community...

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21+ Business Lessons, You Will Never Learn In College

Being in college lately and I realized, there are a lot of great lessons you can learn in college. It emphasizes planning and strategic...

7 Strategies to Effective Social Media Marketing That Will Boost Your Business

Social networks are today a means through which to connect with any person is possible, in this way we can understand...

5 Ways to Creating A Successful Media Empire

Many blogger, content marketers dream of creating online media and they end up just being a blogger. To build a successful media Empire, there is much more to it, than just blogging. For real, I've been personally and with the help of my team, building up this media. And I know how much, I've learnt a lot of things than just blogging and they have been bringing success to me personally and the company, as an establishment which I'm going to you today.

I Screwed Up, But Persistency Kept Me Going

Many at times when things don't go the right way, we are eager to stop at that point in life! Life has taught me...

7 Cool Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Google AdWords' is the most popular method for traffic. Since they are the top search engine right now it make sense to advertise there if you can afford it. You bid on keywords to get your site at the top of the search when your keyword comes up. There is more involved but it's all laid out at Google. There are a lot of other sites that use this advertising strategy called pay per click or PPC.

10 Ideas To Help You Build a Healthy Home-Based company

You've made the leap, gotten your home-based business up and running, and now its smooth sailing. But don't slow down yet!...