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Towards Acheieving A Marital Bliss

Day by day, moments by moments and periods by periods, people fall in love to achieve one goal or the other. While some end up in pain and agony, other few ends up being knotted on the altar. Though, solemnizing of marriage is not an end in itself, it is a means to an end. Had it been, marriage is an end in itself, the recent prevalence of divorce and domestic violence would not have been a major issue in this generation. One of the major issues that turned marriages into a black market in this present dispensation is the fact that parties involved and those desiring to get involved lacked the understanding of the basic concepts of what marriages stand for. While some people see it to fulfilment, others see it as a fulfilment itself.

What Are The Basic Signal Of Greatness?

From time to time, the history of humanity has been relayed to have its core and nucleus centred around. One personality or the other who has left an indelible mark in the test of time by becoming cynosure of all eyes with their popularity.

Never Knew!

Never knew I could be born without a silver spoon, Never knew he could be born into riches and wealth, Never knew I could be struggling with the issues of life, Never knew he could be find life rosy, Never knew that my parents could get separated, Never knew his parents will live forever, Never...

At The End!

Though, other staffs have closed for the weekend but as i was about shutting down my desktop in the office,something arrested my consciousness that has to do with a question. This is: At the end,what will i be remembered for? Good or bad? While in deep thought about the reason behind this question.I...

Friendship or Familiarity?

Many of us that are used to be in a company of many friends understand what is needed to keep the oil of friendship flowing but when we meet a new friend we expect more from them.Friendship becomes rosy and fun filled when the parties involved understanding the demand and the dictates of friendship expressly but in a situation whereby one of the parties involved is a neophyte, the essence of friendship is always defeated with one party becoming a burden on the other burden.

A Letter to Our Dear Men of God — The Evil of Pride.

This piece is one out of the zillion line of random thoughts published by the author recently on social media platform engineered to serve as a source of eye-opener to would be reader. The story goes thus: No doubt about it, calling you and your wife "daddy and mummy" is envogue. A...

Why! Why!! Why!!! (Poetry)

While we are still living, While breathe is oozing out of our nostrils, While our eyelids are still blinking and seeing, While our legs and hands are still strong to grasp and hold, While our lips and tongues are still functioning at the utmost for digestion, While our arteries and veins are still supporting the hearts for circulation.

8 Evils of Perfection.

Perseverance, Patience and endurance are the basic attributes needed for any justifiable course and attempt to start and they are also needed for such an attempt to become perfect with a drive for excellence being the hallmark of such attempt within a space of time. The best way to learn and master perfection is to learn and master imperfection. Without imperfection, nothing can be made perfect.

My Marital Exhortation.

I wrote the original piece on the 1st of June 2016.It is exactly a year now and it is heavy in my mind that it will end up being a blessing and a source of encouragement to my readers. The conditions of life are not permanent and quite unstable.Life always...

My Tongue, Your Tongue!

How do you use your tongue? Is it basically for speaking or tasting? Is it essentially useful for its aesthetical value of adding value to the mouth? I think it is more than all these. It is a part of the body that is intrinsically and spiritually valuable to all human created by...