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Born For More

The late Myles Monroe once said, “The wealthiest place in the world is the graveyard because there sits the dreams that were never released and the desires that never came forth that have been buried into the ground. There sit the businesses that were supposed to start but never came to fruition.

How To Become A Better Writer And Build Your Reader’s Trust

Becoming a better writer isn't just penning your thoughts down but it's a skill one has to build over time. It takes a lot of time and effort to become that best writer you ever dreamt to be. 1. Most Importantly: Write, write and write This might sound sarcastic but the...

4 Ways to Finding Your Passion in Life

Feeling stuck, unmotivated and unsure about to reignite your sense of wonder? Take a risk and scare the heck out of yourself. To find that passion, you're dreaming for, here are few tips that will help you get back! 1. What are your interest when you where younger? What was the topic...