1. Write often.

This is one of the keys that keeps writers at the edge, by simply practicing writing often. Even if you don’t feel like writing, keep a journal.

2. Create small writing goals.

Set goals to keep you writing, you can set goals for yourself on daily basis. With a goal that set you up to committing yourself to writing will definitely become and habit for you and makes you feel easy on writing your next book, post of market pitch. Be addicted to it.

3. Save editing for the end.

This is one of the biggest mistake people make, when writing their books, posts, pages or market sales. They want to edit while writing, that’s a wrong practice. After writing all your story, ideas or contents, then you can start your editing process. Save it for the end, to make your work faster and neatly.


4. Get rid of distractions.

We can’t neglect the distractions around us as writers, but we can subdue them to enable the flow of ideas and inspirations when writing. Try and get every distraction to none effect, by getting rid of them. Put your phone on silent or turn it off, get a quiet place to make you feel your natural self when writing, as much as you can.

5. Put your book aside for a few, when you feel like.

As creative writers, it’s not all about getting a single project done, that matters it’s about how we give our stories and sell our imaginations to our readers. Most times, we feel tired when writing, it all happens, even to the very best of us. Keep your book or content aside when you feel uninspired for a letter date, that’s why we have a draft. Give yourself a deadline to come back when you need to be inspired and get it done.

6. Change your environment.

Sometimes, environment also affect the way we think and behave. If this is so important, then you need to change your environment to motivate you to keep writing and give you a state of stillness to develop a flow in writing. This is what has helped me over the years as a teenager when starting with poetry before becoming a publisher. Keep your environment, as you want it to influence you.








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