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You’ve To Trust The Champion In You!


Your obligation in life is into finding  out about you. Uncover those blessings and thoughts that will uncover your fantasies.

A hefty portion of us are lost since we don’t comprehend what really makes us glad. We should learn to discover our identity and what we stand for

Stop wandering around pondering and seeking somebody can fill that void within you. You are your own joy and satisfaction.

Begin dating yourself. Trust the Champion in You!. Get genuine on winning and battle for your genuine self.

Go up against the very difficulties required into drawing out the best in you. Yes. Become acquainted with the best of you that has a Dream and a Purpose.

Treasure what you have to offer with this restricted time here on Earth. There is no time toward lose.  Take in more about you than any other individual could or would know.

6 Foods You Have to Try in Tenerife


Since one of my hobbies is eating and constantly trying new gastronomic experiences, it was impossible for me not to write an article on Canarian cuisine.

So here I am, on the balcony of my apartment in Tenerife, with a “zumo natural de fresas” by my side, watching the city of Santa Cruz for the last time. Tomorrow I’ll be back home! <3

I was looking over the photos I took this month and a lot of weird recipes that I had tried crossed my mind. I still remember with gusto (or in certain cases with less gusto – hahaha) some of the best foods I have ever had! So, let’s see what are the 6 recipes you must try when you visit Tenerife!

1. The jams

Usually, when you hear “jam” you think of strawberry, prune or apricot jam, but here jams are at a whole other level. In Tenerife, I came across the most bizarre types of marmalade: hot pepper, orange and whiskey, cactus or even tomato jam (no, I don’t mean broth, I mean sweet jam – with sugar and everything else)!

As I have already mentioned several times, the cactus is my favourite plant, so you can imagine my reaction when I found out cactus jam exists somewhere in this world! I burst into a cry of joy, took a shopping basket and stocked up for the entire year! I’ve also bought pineapple, kiwi, fig and banana jam, but the offer was much more varied! I can’t wait to try them all!

I was tempted to buy some more… “daring” marmalades, such as hot pepper, but so far I haven’t had the courage. Maybe I’ll go back home with one of these weird things after all. There is still time until tomorrow.

2. Tropical salad

Another Canarian obsession consists of mixing fruits with vegetables (or fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat and everything you can find in the fridge), and the tropical salad is very popular here. Until I arrived in Tenerife, I had never thought it was possible for me to swallow dragon fruit, onion, strawberries and goat cheese at the same time, but it happened at a traditional restaurant from an isolated village, with no cell signal, hidden between rocks and fog.

I remember I had got there after an hour of travelling by bus through serpentine lanes and I was very hungry. I saw a restaurant on the bank of the ocean and we went there immediately. I had only eaten burgers and fries the entire week, so I was very excited to see salad on the menu – tropical salad, to be precise.

I didn’t know what it meant exactly, but I ordered it without thinking twice. Five minutes later, I saw a weird combination of everything that grows in the earth topped with goat cheese in front of me. I cautiously bit a small piece of mango.

So far, it was good. Then, I slowly started to mix fruits and vegetables to see what the result would be. I can’t say I would order tropical salad a second time because I would be lying, but it was… an interesting meal. A must try!

3. The famous octopus

It was at a seafood restaurant from an isolated village, close to the beach, that I tried a whole octopus for the first time! I had tasted octopus before, in salads or other seafood recipes, but never an octopus laid out on a plate, with no other added ingredient – not even salt. It was simply a boiled octopus served as such. Kind of like a boiled egg, but instead of an egg it was an octopus.

I found its aspect so interesting! Of course I knew how it was supposed to look like from pictures or films, but seeing it so real in front of my eyes was shocking. It was so big and it had giant suckers. I was almost expecting it to jump at any moment and cling on me. Hahaha. After studying it carefully, I plucked up my heart and cut a tentacle. Its consistency was gelatinous and meaty at the same time.

They don’t call it “pulpo” in Spanish for nothing – it did have the consistency of pulp. Alex tried to taste it, but when I came to him with my fork he almost became sick from the smell, because it’s true that it smelled a lot like seawater.

4. Eggplant schnitzel with palm tree honey

The moment I first ate eggplant schnitzel with palm tree honey was captured in the first part of my vlog about the experience in Tenerife (click here for the video – part two coming soon, I haven’t forgotten about it!). Eggplant is my favorite vegetable! I love eggplant salad, eggplant stew, grilled eggplant and now eggplant schnitzel!

I had never imagined the possibility of eating eggplant with a crispy crust before, not to mention that I had never heard of palm tree honey either. You can find it at any souvenir shop (next to the exotic jams, of course). This is a recipe I would definitely try again.

5. Canarian potatoes and the “mojos”

This recipe is not as weird as the others, consisting of potatoes boiled in their skin with salt, but what makes it special are the two traditional sauces of the Canary Islands: mojo rojo and mojo verde.

The red sauce is made of oil, vinegar and red pepper (chili), which gives it its specific color (you can also add paprika for extra spiciness), while the green sauce has oil, vinegar (common ingredients of the two mojos) and parsley (you can also add garlic and green pepper).

Therefore, the red one is very spicy and the green one is sweet and aromatic. Again, the two sauces occupy entire shelves in souvenir shops across the island and they come in containers/jars of all sizes so that eager customers can take a bit of the Canarian tradition back home. Of course I bought some… at times I also get caught in tourist traps.

 6. Grilled cheese with jam

Since everyone in Tenerife loves jams and sauces, they probably thought it would be more efficient to combine the two concepts and use the jams directly as sauces. Thus, grilled cheese with… jam sauce was born. Alex was completely confused when he tried it for the first time (click here for the video).

He had no idea how he was supposed to combine the two jams in his plate with the cheese. Was he supposed to spread them on butter? Spread them on the cheese? Eat them separately? He still hasn’t found out!


Need Inspiration for Your Next Blog? Here Are 10 Blogging Ideas for Free


1. Create Series.

Choose an idea like writing about new product or adoptive habit, or blog progression post and write about it once or twice a month.

2. Blog progression.

Create something love that your subscribers will want to read in every week, month every four month (quarterly), every six months or even yearly. Whatever, you prefer, check in with your readers and let them know how your blog is going and how you feel it has improved

3. Current Trends.

Check on what’s hot now, and write about them. There’re so many trends that are constantly coming out that you’ll never run out of ideas to write about.

4. Write about the lifestyle and culture of your readers.

Check your views, target market and write about their culture, their traditions, their religion, so on and so forth to appreciate their point of view and to let them know you care about them. This will keep them coming back to see what your observation about them and their lifestyle.

5. Trends you wish were popular.

We all have some products or clothing, items from decades ago that we still fancy these days and we wish they could still be in the marketing that could be trending.

6. Your basket list.

Tell your readers about your basket list, the things you to do for fun or for pleasure before you die and exit this earth.

7. Locations you have visited or wish to visit soonest.

Let your reader be aware of the places you have visited or wish to visit soonest to build a better relationship in them and trust your judgement on any issues.

8. The things you already have done in your bucket lists.

Relate with your readers on the things you have done already on your bucket list and seek for their advice to know their views and stands.

9. Things you love and have fun with.

Tell your readers about all the things you love about, you have always wanted to be with at all times, whether it be fashion, hobby, make up, stories etc.

10. Reviews.

And lastly but not definitely the least on this list is reviews. Trust is the bedrock of every business that is successful. It’s very important to gain you readers’ trust. When you write about a positive review about a product they use, you gain their trust!

Hey guys! I believe these few tips will give you, some ideas and inspiration to write about in your next posts and I wish you good luck as you practice these little tips here. Thanks guys for reading this and keep checking on us for new updates for new posts and trending topics like this.

What Do You Want Out Of Life?

Hi, I am new here at Express Impact and I want to share with you something, the knowledge I have recently acquired you might say. Let me ask you a question.

What do you want out of your life?

Do you want to get up every morning, pull on your socks, dress for the job you have to be on for the next 8-12 hours? I don’t think so. The secret to life is that you don’t have to work to live a life full of joy and happiness. What I mean by work? You don’t need to “work” something you detest, something your entire body is fighting against.

You just need to see that you are a human being. You are capable of so many things you don’t even realise. It is not the goal you work for, to live life in peace, to enjoy. It is the journey. What life is left to enjoy after you have spent it all on working? On doing something, tricked into believing it will grant you joy. You are a being of an infinite power, you just have to realise that.

Your thoughts are what you need. It is not the deeds that make your life great. It is not what you do that makes your dreams come true. Your thoughts are your deeds. Your thoughts are your actions. You just have to be honest with yourself to know that what you are doing is right by you. Let me tell you a short story about myself:

I was never a person I am today. I was shy, withheld, scared of pretty much anything. Maybe it didn’t seem that drastic but I knew the truth. Recently I have started to write. Before that, I only wrote when I was a kid. Some 10 or so years ago. Looking at my work from that time today, I realise I have always had a knack for writing. Those poems were not what some 7 or 8 years old would write.

After I have started to write, the chain of events brought me to the realisation of the truth. I don’t know if you believe in spirituality or not and it doesn’t matter. I know it all seems like fiction. Spirits, souls, what not. Yeah, i understand you.

I was like that before. Only then I was a shadow of what I am now. Now I write poetry every day just for the fun of it and my sole purpose to change the world. It is a gargantuan task I know, but that feeling of purpose is all you need. Not money, not fame. You just need to have a sense of purpose in your life and you will do just fine.

I want to share with you a poem I will just now write if you understand what I mean.

What do you want out of life?
Is it an infinite abundance of money and fame?
Or would you rather dance, write, or play?
You realise not that money is fake.
It is not wealth you need, it is your health.
Your ability to think for yourself!
Always keep trying to win
Not against others, yourself!
It is all you need, that sense of purpose
to be free.





Be Mentally Ready


Hey, have you ever been in some circumstance where you think things don’t just work for you? Yes I guess, we all have been there and it’s normal. In this article, I want to share some information that will be of great importance to you, if only you’ll just follow it. Take a pause and reflect back to your life, where you were struggling with something or situation and answer this question.

Have you been the person, you desired to be today?

To the above question, your answer might be yes or maybe no. If yes, well, that’s awesome and I’m so happy for you but if no is your answer, I want to share why you’ve not actualized the lifestyle you wanted. It all circle to the fact that, you’re not mentally ready for it yet.

Some people might be physically ready in terms of body stature or physically strong. Success doesn’t look for people, that are well-built, physically strong or have the best opportunity in life. Success is based on the fact that you’re mentally ready, the ability to use the laws of attraction in your life.

If you want to be successful, you must train your mind to over everything you do, you must discipline yourself and learn everything in the area, you want to grow before converting to money. Listen, money gives you success, if it was, the people working in factories would have been the most successful people in the world today.

What gives you success? It’s the opportunity that comes across with you, that provides wealth, happiness and lifestyle to you in returns. To be mentally ready for the future, you wish for, here are some points you should consider and follow.

  1. Don’t live to please anyone, just please yourself and go for what you want.
  2. The desire for opportunities that will grow you to be a better person tomorrow.
  3. Read, Read, Read to develop your brain.
  4. Develop your spirit to know the right things.
  5.  Take responsibilities of your failures and learn, how to improve on it better.
  6. Also, learn from others failure and gain instructions.
  7. Think big.
  8. Become a person of actions and not just wishing.
  9. Have a positive attitude.
  10. Have a firm resolution to succeed.

Before I leave you, as usual, ask yourself this simple question.

How mentally READY are you?

If you want someone to help you on this, I’m always available for free consultation. Feel free to connect with us for free counselling and guild-line here, just drop your information and we’ll contact you.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share this with others, you might help someone by sharing with friends and family.  For any question or suggestions, please drop it below at the comment box, so our team, we are happy to relate with you…

How To Make Money From Blogging


Want to make money from blogging? Here’re few tips that will help you in the blogging in the blogging industry.

1. Be Consistent About It.

Successful bloggers invest lots of time and energy into their blog and what they’re doing to make their voices heard. Once you have started blogging, you have to keep blogging over and over again. Be consistent with your stories, articles or images that portrays your passion and why you’re blogging.

2. Be Aware Of Your Audience.

As an entrepreneur and a blogger, you must be away of your audience which is your target market. When you first start blogging for the first time, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and money discovering your target market.

After keeping up your audience, you begin to make money based on what you can offer, on regular basis, by being aware of your audience.

3. Have A Selection Of Word Like In A Conversation.

The most successful bloggers seem to have an ability to speak to readers on their level. You should treat blogging in the same way, as having a conversation with a friend. Just like you wound approach your bestie and start using lots of complicated words, would you? If that’s the case, you should consider why you’d ever do the same with your readership!

4. Stay Focused.

The best thing you can do, is to stay focused on the topic at hand! If you want your readers to gain a deeper understanding of the subject, you’re writing about, stay on topic! Don’t get carried away by wanting to quickly update your page, but you want your readers to get engaged with your story(s).

5. Last Word – Be Patient.

Like I said before, it takes a lot of time and energy to start making money in your blogging endeavours and for that, you must be patient while, your blog or site is growing!

P.S.Before I go, if you have any thought or experience to blogging and you want to share with others, please use the comment box below to share your thought!

No Condition Is Parmanent


This is a common parlance and even a mantra in my part of the world that occupies many available spaces anywhere in my locality.


My day started with unabated heavy downpour that seems like drizzling and it lasted for a long time that even tend to look as if the heavy downpour will remain unending till the end of today.

In the course of the rain,many will think that the whole day will be marred with this unabated heavy downpour because many people were seen to be drenched while going out in the morning and i noticed that so many business outlets and shops were closed this afternoon just because it was raining and many thought that the rain will cover the productive part of today.

Suddenly,the rain stopped and the sun started beaming gradually in the afternoon.

From this observation and reality, I was inspired and I started thinking about some of the personal experiences and encounters life has been known to push us through at one point in time.

You might be passing through dire circumstances that seems to be quite unbearable at  one point in time.This is just the way our life has been designed to wallow in the midst of various unexpected challenges and many atimes, our aspiration to become better might end up becoming a burden to us when we are unable to meet up with any of the dreams and vision we had in our mind.

Life always withhold the best from us and it always shield us from getting our expectations on a platter of gold.It has been like this and nothing about life has really changed that will make anyone to believe that life is a bed of roses,though roses are known to radiate their beauty in the presence of thorns.

As real the challenges of life might be so also the solutions to the challenges of life are also real but the difference is that the challenges of life often show its ugly head without any visible notice and it gets its victim easily but solutions to the challenges of life is always difficult to get and it takes time and a lot of resources for anyone to get a solution that will work out.

Looking at the realities of life intently, one will understand that it is challenges that makes life competitive and interesting,if it happen that life is without challenges, life will be static and boring but it is the outcome of solutions to each challenges that makes us to be more experienced and prepared us for more eventualities that might show up in another time in another way.

The beauty of life is seen more in the midst of challenges.It makes our feet to be strong like a hind’s feet and it makes us to discover our archilles heels without any stress.

The beauty of challenges is that it is the easiest pathway to personal development and self discovery.It givess us more inner strength that end up molding us to become the real men we are created to be.

In life, nothing remain thesame.Everything available in life is bound to change because the only constant thing in life is change.

No condition is permanent.

“When we least expect it,life sets up a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change;at such a moment,there is no point in pretending that nothing has happenned or in saying that we are not yet ready.The challenge will not wait.Life does not look back.A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny”—Paulo Coelho,The devil and Miss Prym.

The above quotation butressed my stand from the inception of my write-up that no one can prepare adequately for challenges of life.It comes around when it is least expected and it doesnt give us any warning but those who are experienced can maximise the content and the realities of past encounters with one challenge or the other to weather the storm of challenges whenever it rear its ugly head.

No matter the situation you might be enmeshed with, no matter how diry,dirty and miry it might be at this moment, just as the way the early morning downpour ceased, it will end up ceasing.Just make sure that you are not relenting in finding solution to the present predicament you might be passing through.

Never give up.

The world is waiting to listen to the stories of your challenges and how you find a solution to it that end up making you a champion and a winner.

Life is designed for the lion-hearted not for the chicken-hearted.Solutions to life challenges emerges when we are confident that every challenge has a expiry date and they are bound to fizzle out without any delay.

Just calm down and watch how you will end up being celebrated and counted among those who had been victorious in weathering the storm of life with or without any scratch and injury.

The viscititude of life might be as real as life itself with its accompany challenges pulling us apart but one thing that is more real than the harrowing challenges we passed through is solutions to the challenges which has an eternal assurrance.

Challenges are shadows while solutions are the substance we need.

This is my inspiration for today that I believed it will motivate you to move on no matter the clog in the wheels of your progress.

You need to push until something happens and that something is the solution to whatever might be the challenges you might be facing in life.

Retain your candour.Stay calm and watch patiently how every harrowing experiences of your life will fizzle out with time.

I know it will fizzle out.

Once again,the viscititude of life and its accompany challenges are real but the beauty of these realities has its core and nucleus in the fact that the viscititude of life fades out with time and the accompanying challenges expires with time.

The main thing that remains feasible till eternity is the solution to your challenges.

Weep not child…

Ahead of you is a bright new day.

No matter how darken the night may be,a bright new day will emerge at the end.



One Reason To Keep Writing


Being a writer can come with its own challenges at times; one is the challenge of what to write, other times it might be as simple as not having the desired motivation to pen something down. Whatever is the case, you just have to find that one thing that’ll make you write at all cost. Amidst several reasons to keep writing is:

You never can tell who your writings inspire: This sounds so simple but it’s so true, being a writer is a gift not everybody usurps. Your ability to paint the world with your words is in itself a sheer blessing. Keep writing those blog posts ‘even amidst low site views’. The world needs to be inspired and motivated by the gift of writing you’ve got in you.

If you ever find yourself giving up on writing, say to yourself ‘just one more post’. Keep doing this and keep writing and you will see that with time and the right attitude, your persistence will pay off.

Want to Be A Good Writer? Here’s 6 Tips That Will Help You To Be


To be a good writer, either blogger, content marketer, content writer or other writing endeavors, trust me, it takes time especially, when you just started/starting, but it’s basically easier than becoming a music singer, sport people or even acting etc. Writers are in famous for their self-doubt, whether they’re world-renowned or just another soul, writing. If you’ve commitment and keep to rules of continued improvement, then, there are no limits to how far you’ll go in the writing industry.


Here are drop of 6 tips that will make yo become better writer, that you want to be.

1. Use simple, clear sentences to make your point

To be a good writer, you need to use simple, clean and concise language.  Don’t bug down sentences with extra words and longevity, cut down to the chase as you can and make your point in the simplest language possible. Sometimes it’s better to break longer sentences into the smallest it could be.

2. Be specific.

Be specific as you can, you can use images to illustrate your point in your reader’s mind. It gives visual information in the mind of your readers and draws scenarios to better understand you points. Humans are visual being, we see things when we see or orient ourselves with images. Give your readers enough specification to see your writing into information, whether you’re writing stories, scripts or speeches.

3. Make comparisons to help your readers understand your perspective of ideas

You can make comparisons between two or more things, ideas, their similarities with metaphoric words, similarities with similes or even direct comparisons between them. It helps your readers make comparisons, draw pictorial information in their minds and deepens your writing, to deliver the right message to them.

4. Treat every paragraphs, lines like its own small argument.

Great paragraph should be self-contained. They should have a beginning, middle and end. Otherwise, they don’t move your story along to its destination.

5. Create a sing-song flow by using adverbs.

Adverbs, the words that ends in ‘ly’ and modifies actions, are the bone of many great writers. They give a sing-song flow and feel to writing and bog down the meaning of a sentence in useless little changes. It can also be known as the filler words, like ‘really’ or ‘very’

6. Break all previous rule, when it feels right.

Sometimes, the best way to get your point, across to your readers is a long, winding sentences that packs multitudes of meanings along.

Occasionally, you need all these above to be a good writer, in anything you write about especially in blogging.

How to Turn Your Vision into Passion


Are you passionate about something and don’t turn to yield you result in returns or have you been looking for a way, you could sell your vision out there to people to see and buy your products or service? I have good news for you here and show you how you’re not making many results as you ought to in your business, blog or even something you are hoping to create.

In this post, I’m going to teach you how to turn your vision into a passion. But before we proceed, give a bit of time to differentiate between this two concepts: VISION and PASSION. According to the dictionary.com,

Vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. Passion on the other hand, is the strong and barely controllable emotions.

Do you live in passion or vision?

This is a question many people can’t differentiate in their lives, that’s why most people are failing in what, they’re ought to do and give attention to the irrelevant things in their lives.

Bear this in mind, you can’t be successful in life by just being passionate about something. For instance, you’re passionate about blogging, business or what ever you’re doing, it’s just a feeling or habit without Vision about it.

Likewise, having a vision without passion is just a dream that can never come to reality. You’ll notice both of them walk side-by-side. To be a successful entrepreneur, blogger, communicator or what ever, you want to be in life, you must understand the concept of turning your vision into your passion. With passion, you can be doable, you can see the reality of your creativity. I will give you three practical steps in turning your vision into a passion.

1. Believe it’s your life passionately and nothing else is:

Give that dream in your heart the belief it requires. Be passionate about your belief system. Don’t assume, just believe that, that’s all you got left to fight for and let nothing distract you from it. Passionately believes gives you a sense of purpose, dedication, direction and endurance in the time of adversity.

2. Pursue it aggressively:

It’s good to have a vision, it’s better to register it in your sub consciousness and it’s best to pursue it with all have aggressively. Vision paints the picture of your future. Passion fuels the fire for it. But actions give life to your vision.

3. Conceive the clarity for it:

It begins with two simple words, ‘clear goal’. If you see the end already bad, you’ll struggle all the way to accomplish it, but if you see the impacts of it, you’ll succeed in it.

Jesus said in the scriptures:

A man, that want to build a tower must first, sit, check and see, if he has enough to accomplish it.

Learn from this,  count your cost and maximise your resources to get to where you want to go.

Here’s the good new: when the vision is clear, the belief is passionate, then the action becomes a joy.

I’ll leave you with these questions, that will help you achieve your dream.

  1. What does life hold for you?
  2. What are the strategies, you’ll use to get it?
  3. Have you put it into actions?

If you’re able to answer these questions effectively, you’re on your way to success.

Thanks for reading, please share to help someone in need today!!!

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