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Our dreams are all about getting better in our approach to things that are personal to us and making sure that at any point in time we are busy engaging ourselves by looking and thinking about what we can be done for us to live in the center of the beauty of our hopes,dreams and aspirations.

The Last Phase.

There is an inevitable phase every mortal is created and designed to pass through. It is an important phase in the life of every mortal even though almost everyone born of a woman behaves as if this phase is either not important or less important.It is a phase that is designated to terminates the existence of every human being. It is a phase that announces the beginning of human journey into the realm of eternity which can either be for perdition or glorification.
It's one thing to have an idea and it's another thing to make it reality or bring it to real life situation. From idealist or thought world, to realistic or physical world, there's a process. Many have ideas in their heart and few actually bring them to existence which is the reality through innovation.
An individual without a vision will drift from day-to-day and function with a weaker sense of self-discipline and direction in terms of what they want out of their life. This explains why, we as captains, executives, entrepreneurs, can have a sense of feeling lost, trapped in the rut of monotonous stages and eventually getting burned out.
I was bored, so I decided to put the time into inspiring some people. After thinking for how to impact others, though I was lazy(lol), I came out with this quote right from on my bed! The quotes are as follows:
As young Founder / CEO of Express Impacts, I understand majority of writers, bloggers & authors finds it difficult to get their blog's, posts, books and products to the right readers, subscribers and viewers. All these, we'll help you achieve, from the minute you decide to join the team.
The recent happenings and realities in the world is a confirmation and a pointer to the fact that humanity is still on a long walk to freedom from corruption, criminality, vices, oppression, tyranny, bullying, extremism, terrorism, despotism, nepotism and dictatorship which has presented a society that is far from being egalitarian and progressive with the absence of sanity at...
Many blogger, content marketers dream of creating online media and they end up just being a blogger. To build a successful media Empire, there is much more to it, than just blogging. For real, I've been personally and with the help of my team, building up this media. And I know how much, I've learnt a lot of things than just blogging and they have been bringing success to me personally and the company, as an establishment which I'm going to you today.
Many of us are carried away with our problems, situations in life as bloggers, creative writer etc. Writing is an amazing thing to do and simple as well to do. It's one thing to have inspiration, to write, blog and it's another thing to keep that fire burning. You'll always come to the point in time where you feel like...
Hey, do you find it hard to stay motivated in life? Do you think Life if not giving you much results as expected? Or have you been finding it difficult to get that project done in life? If all these questions ⇑, is you, then you don't need to run for answers again! Because I got all you looking for here in this...
Being a writer can come with its own challenges at times; one is the challenge of what to write, other times it might be as simple as not having the desired motivation to pen something down. Whatever is the case, you just have to find that one thing that’ll make you write at all cost. Amidst several reasons to...
There’s a question that haunts every would-be entrepreneur – and many actual entrepreneurs – every day:
Do want some follow for all your social media account? We are across all social media platforms and community you could think of. As the name implies, Express Impacts, we believe the best way to impact you is not to be boss over you but to serve you and how we could add values to our readers, subscribers and followers....
For the average people, the only thing that pushes them are stress, bills, broke and lust. Find a force that pushes you up, move up and stay up. It could be someone that you're dating, a friend, an opportunity, an unfinished project, an idea, your future goal(s). It could be a business partner or a problem, you just can't wait to fix. Fin that force to spark every idea in you, into reality.
The best person to respect you is yourself. No matter what you see or had come across in life, always respect yourself. You don't deserve respect without first of all respecting yourself. Whatever you are today, respect the person you are now, even if that's not where you wanted.
Want to learn fast and increase your productivity? Here's an infographic to help you increase in knowledge and to read faster!
If you must become a successful entrepreneur, you must be eager to learn more. Like they said, readers are leaders! If you want to be known, develop a learning strategy. Acquire informations that spark your creativity. Maybe, you might be lazy to carry a book to read like me, play audio books that reads books for you while you're busy or relaxed or watch educating videos that will provide, some vital information. Keep learning.

Love And Hypocrisy

The Indian society has been giving us the benefactions such as the daily plights of rape and acid attacks. Yet the disciples of law are immune to these and more interested in who-is-putting-whose-arms-around-whom fun game. Beware! If they catch you in the act of transgression as vulgar as holding your beloved’s hand, they might denounce your dearth of education, your bourgeois background and so on.

Who Am I?

I think that it is possible to create more activities for people who have not got the use of their hands because it has been done in other parts of the world. It is possible to create activities where you can use other parts of your body. For example; if someone has more use of their feet than their hands, then why can’t they take part using their feet?
1. Build a cohesive design for your blog. Make your site easy to look artistic, the appearance of your blog creates the first impression! If your site is hard to look at, you won't retain many visitors. Ensure that your style matches your niche, and that it's modern enough to be pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. Related: 5 Ways...
Do you feel stuck of manifesting the creativity in you? Here's an infographic to help you turning it into reality. Enjoy!
Keep foiling your passion depends on the right information you feed yourself with. Feed your mind with the right books, lectures, videos that are relevant to your future. An average entrepreneur reads 52 books in a year. Keep learning new things daily to improve your life for the better.
Healthy life is the most amazing gift one can have. The ability to stay safe from health troubles but many are suffering with different issues that affects their well-being. Life is precious and as such, we should appreciate, cherish it and maintain it. Funny enough its only few people who knows how to take good care of their health. To...


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