I once had a dog. He was supposed to be this fancy hunting dog. However, he acted like any other dog barking at squirrels, burying bones. He was friendly and a good pet, but he didn’t seem like anything special.

One Christmas break, I went hunting with some friends. The same breed of dog that I had been out there, and it was looking for quail. This dog would run up to hidden quail cubbies, and his tail would lift high up in the air. I asked the hunter, “How did you train your dog to do this?” He said, “The more he’s in the environment he’s supposed to be in, the more he trains himself to do what he’s made to do.”

Is the environment you’re in limiting the gifts that are inside you? There is potential inside of you to walk out your calling, what you were made to do. Don’t let your surroundings hinder the work that you were specifically crafted to accomplish. There are certain gifting and callings inside you, and God wants to see those gifting and callings released and multiplied in your time on this earth.


The late Myles Monroe once said,

“The wealthiest place in the world is the graveyard because there sits the dreams that were never released and the desires that never came forth that have been buried into the ground.

There sit the businesses that were supposed to start but never came to fruition. There sit the books that were supposed to be written that never were penned to the page. Things that people were called to do, but they sat scared and lazy on the side-lines watching everybody else do it. It is a place full of people who thought,

“Maybe I’m born for more, but maybe I’m just born with this capacity. Maybe I’m just born to sit on the side-lines.”

You were not born to sit on the side-lines. You were born for more.

In a study by Scientific American, scientists suggested that most humans only use about 10% of their potential. We function within 10% of the capacity that God has put on the inside of us. I truly believe that while Adam was naming every animal, “Hippopotamus, duck, alligator, crocodile,” he was operating on a higher level of intelligence. Where did he get these names? He was operating at 100% of his capacity. He was cultivating the garden. He was cultivating the land.

God wants you to throw out your mental cap. He wants you to see what He can do in you and through you. You have the power to shape your destiny with your words. Use your words to speak prophetically over where your life is headed.

In the book of Genesis, God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light; “Let there be land,” and there was land. As God spoke, it came to pass. God has given us that same creative ability with our words. We just have to stand on our authority in Him.



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