I bet you were thinking of the War song right? No. That’s not this, old blood. The meaning of the title comes from a friend of mine. They told me

“Talk about exes and how they can still be friends, even after a break up, I mean if they didn’t end on bad terms.”

I thought it was an amazing idea because its true.

Why does society think just because you break up with someone you can’t ever be cordial with them? I understand if they cheated or had a baby on the side with another female and didn’t tell you about it. (That’s fucked up, don’t do that) Side note, I overheard a guy who has a child but not in the baby’s life and tried to pick up a female and she asked “Do you have any kids?” and the guy had the nerve to say


“No but my baby mama do.”

(First off sir that’s not proper grammar) (WHAT A TURN OFF!) That’s a fucked up situation but its kind of hilarious how many deadbeat guys are out there. Anyways with that being said, life puts everyone through different situations.

You will find someone who will make you complete in every way or in the words of my last post, someone who is consistent. Everyone meets this person at one point in their lives but guess what when life sees you being happy it seems like life just stabs you in the heart and says

“haha, you thought.”

Lets say you met in high school and are deciding to go to different colleges. If you’re not one for long distance relationships then 9/10 you guys are kicking rocks. (Unless you are giving up your life for someone) (I wouldn’t suggest it) So if you guys do end up breaking up, who’s to say you can’t be friends?

Society got us so discombobulated that we are slaves to it. Be friends with whomever you want to be friends with. Life is way too short to push away good people. You didn’t end on bad terms so whats the problem? Even sometimes people break up because one person wasn’t ready for a relationship. If they made you happy why not be good friends until you either find someone or even help that person become ready. People want to speed through feelings and end up finishing last.

We are humans. Not computers. We have to be patient. We have to love one another. Forgive one another. So I say be friends with your ex. If not, at least be cordial. Because you never know what will happen later in life and maybe that person will be the only one who is available to help you. Don’t be another slave to societies norms. Trust me, I broke free from my chains a long time ago. I’m here to help you break from yours.



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