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Can’t Get Your Blog Noticed? Here’s 5 Ways To Do That

1. Make it easy to view.

Even if your website/blog is text-heavy, it should be visually appealing to keep people from making readers, visitors from making a snap judgement about the quality of your website. If you don’t have much design initiative, have a friend that has one, give him the opportunity to help you with their judgement from time to time. Ask questions from experts about the artistic nature of your website, also consider hiring a designer to work on the overall composition.

2. Keep it simple.

Streamline every page so that your subscribers don’t get frustrated or disoriented. Avoid using elaborate fonts, numerous colours like a rainbow, or unnecessary graphics that slow down the page-load time.

3. Have a consistent theme.

Use the banner at the top (and bottom, if necessary) of every page so that people can easily navigate your website with less stress. Have a colour scheme for all your pages, so that your subscribers can view your posts continuously and not surprised in the next page they have clicked on like some people who lost their ways.

4.  Embrace white space.

If you’re scared of using white space, that will drive your visitors away, just take a look at Google page. On the other hand, white space helps your pages to look clean and uncluttered, to say nothing of the fact that it makes navigation much easier

5. Use short paragraphs.

Nobody wants to battle with a wall of text, not even you nor I. maximise your use of paragraph by shortening your stories, for easy to understand for your readers!

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