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How To Become A Billionaire (Infographic)

Want to become a billionaire? Here's an infographic to help you become one!

Control Your Thoughts, Control Your Life

I have been research on this topic in personal development, since I have been in my teenage and today, I've finally come up with...

7 Tips to Fulfilling Your New Year Resolution.

It's a new year today! To be precise 2018. People all around the world are rejoicing for another year like this. A lot of individuals today around the world are writing new year resolutions and plans for the year. Kudos to those that have written plans and decisions this year. My job today is to help you achieve your new year resolution(s). Here are 7 tips to fulfilling your new year resolution.


As young Founder / CEO of Express Impacts, I understand majority of writers, bloggers & authors finds it difficult to get their blog's, posts, books and products to the right readers, subscribers and viewers. All these, we'll help you achieve, from the minute you decide to join the team.

10 Evils of Perfection.

Perseverance, Patience and endurance are the basic attributes needed for any justifiable course and attempt to start and they are also needed for such an attempt to become perfect with a drive for excellence being the hallmark of such attempt within a space of time. The best way to learn and master perfection is to learn and master imperfection. Without imperfection, nothing can be made perfect.