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7 Tips to Fulfilling Your New Year Resolution.

It's a new year today! To be precise 2018. People all around the world are rejoicing for another year like this. A lot of individuals today around the world are writing new year resolutions and plans for the year. Kudos to those that have written plans and decisions this year. My job today is to help you achieve your new year resolution(s). Here are 7 tips to fulfilling your new year resolution.

8 Blogging Tips, You Can Start (For New Bloggers)

Do you want to start a blog to promote your brand, or just share your thoughts on a subject that you love? Blogging is an inexpensive way to do that. Here's 8 tips that will help you become a blogger, from little to something big. 1. Art & Design. Many people...

7 Cool Things To Do, That Will Keep Your Readers Engaged

1. Make a strong first impression Most people’s attention span lasts just four seconds across 20 percent of website content viewed. So, when it comes to your website, think about first impressions. You want your blog to have a professional simple design; a clean and uncluttered site; and an easy...

8 Old-School Branding Techniques That Are Still Effective Today For Entrepreneurs

Gone are the Mad Men days of designing billboards and magazine ads (those jobs still get done, just in a different way and with different tools). In are the days of instant publishing. Despite the changes that the marketing industry has experienced, though, there are still some old-school branding and marketing strategies that work as effectively as before. Just because they seem old-fashioned doesn’t mean they’re out of date.

3 Sets of People That You Shouldn’t Share Your Goals With In Life

To be fair, we all have fall victim of this especially in the New Year Resolution things (wills & will nots) and then after 3rd January we break them one after the other. In 2018, avoid this kinds of people, so you too won't be like them. They are not motivated to do what they must do!

7 Habits That Kills Creativity (Slideshow)

Want to maximize your Creativity? You need to read this!

How To Start A Business With Zero Capital

Creating and maintaining a business isn't as a way to wealth - it's a way to pursue your life's fulfilment. This path isn't a easy one, but it's one that all of history's greatest entrepreneurs have had to follow. Though starting a business is easier if you have enough reserve of cash for your business. It's possible to start a business from the scratch, without money or resources to do it. You can build a successful business up, with smarts, perseverance, and dedication even if you aren't loaded.

Why Everybody Is Talking About Blog Beauty Fashion…The Simple Truth Revealed

The Niche Blogger is only excellent. A blog is only a marketing tool which shows off your expertise. There are a couple diverse strategies to blog in the beauty market. The reason they're in a position to do that is they realize a blog is only an extension of...